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Arts Exhibitions 2013


“Collective Belonging” by Nathalie el BabaNov 30th to Dec 21st
“Collective Belonging” by Nathalie el Baba
The Gallery, Scariff Public Library, Scariff

'Collective Belonging' is an exhibition of paintings by local artist Nathalie El Baba. The exhibition will take place in the Gallery of Scariff Public Library from November 30th until December 21st. The work reflects on how people migrate into and inform the locality they settle in, becoming part of the identity of the wider community. It includes a series of oil portraits of women who have set down their roots in East Clare. Exhibition opening Sat 30th November at midday. Refreshments served. All welcome!

For more information contact: Clare Arts Office on 065 6899091
Contact Nathalie on

“Ireland’s Coast” by Carsten KriegerSept 30th to Oct 19th
“Ireland’s Coast” by Carsten Krieger
Cultúrlann Sweeney, Kilkee

A stunning photographic exhibition by local photographer Carsten Krieger featuring images of the magnificent Loop Head Peninsula. Exhibition runs until October 25th, 2013.

Carsten Krieger is a professional photographer based in the West of Ireland. His unique images are highly acclaimed and he is one of Ireland’s most published photographers. His work has appeared in Ireland of the Welcomes, Outdoor Photography, Burren Insight, Nature Photographers Network, Popular Photography and others. Carsten is also a regular writer for dpreview.

His main focus is on nature and landscape photography so conservation naturally plays an important role in his work. He has been working with the IPPC/Irish Peatland Conservation Council, the IWDG/The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and is currently a regular contributor to the IWT/Irish Wildlife Trust. Carsten is also representing Ireland for the international Meet Your Neighbours biodiversity project.

Carsten has to date published and contributed to six books, including the highly acclaimed “Ireland's Coast” and “The Wildflowers of Ireland”, and is currently working on several new projects.
Beside his landscape and nature work Carsten also covers commercial and documentary assignments and his clients include The Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark Project, Shannon Development, The Tree Council of Ireland and many others.

For more information contact: Clare Arts Office on 065 6899091 email Carsten on:

“Waterscapes” by Gerald DunneSept 24th to Oct 19th
“Waterscapes” by Gerald Dunne
Gallery of Clare County Museum, Ennis

Water is the key element in a visual exploration of light and texture from lake to coast by Quin based photographer Gerald Dunne.

The delicate visions yielded by fog on lake contrast with the water sculpted patterns of sand on the beach and the more abstract forms where water, land and light meet.

Just as the sound of waves on a pebble beach and the flickering light in a fire form their own patterns in our minds this exhibition is a visual exploration of the emotions triggered by the world around us. The style aims for simplicity of image allowing for the nature of the place to come to the fore.

For more information contact: Clare Arts Office on 065 6899091

The West's Awake by Niamh HickeySept 7th – 20th, 2013
“The West’s Awake” by Niamh Hickey

For Niamh Hickey, West Clare is a very familiar landscape, in particular the area of the Loop Head peninsula. She spent her childhood summers there, and it was a place she always had a strong connection to. It was here she developed a love for this particular windswept and wild landscape, full of old buildings, cottages and sheds. The strong geometric lines and shapes of these forms; the silhouette of an old house against the sky, the pattern of a gate, the view through an old door, have all been the inspiration for this collection of paintings.

The look of these weathered structures has always interested this artist. Textured and rusted surfaces of metal, wood and stone, pitted and scarred, weathered and eroded, yet enduring and consistent. Old buildings which are repetitive and oddly comforting in their familiarity. White-washed stone walls and bright red wooden doors, peeling paint revealing layer upon layer of simple history.

Another major feature of this landscape and indeed all over rural Ireland, which has persistently captured her attention over the years, are the old Famine cottages. They seem to be ageless; long-abandoned, roofless shells, with exposed stone facades and pointed gable ends being slowly overtaken by nature. Their empty windows and doors form natural frames for interesting captured views.

Through this exhibition, Niamh has tried to combine the quiet strength of these manmade forms with the surface characteristics that she herself finds so fascinating in this body of work.
“To my mind, beneath the sleepy surface of this quiet territory, a richness of visual interpretation is to be found; the west is very much, awake.” – Niamh Hickey (Artist)

Contact (065) 9060769 or

Killaloe by Paul WeeraskeraMarch 5th – 30th, 2013.
Painting Exhibition by Paul Weeraskera
Foyer of the Clare Museum, Ennis

Paul Weeraskera is an artist based in Limerick for over to years. He trained in the UK as an architect and in the area of art and design. His work is mainly acrylic on canvas. Over his 20 year career as an artist he has sold many paintings, both in Ireland and in the USA and is regularly commissioned by clients. His work features in Clare County Council’s art collection.

Paul’s exhibition features paintings of Irish landscapes and recent events (such as the Volvo Ocean Race in Galway) as well as famous local and international scenes. For further information go to

ContinuumMarch 7th - April 2nd,2013
Gallery, Scariff Library

Continuum is an exhibition by a group of recent art college graduates from Clare, Galway, Offaly and West Meath. The exhibition explores the reflective changes in their work, now that they are free from the influence and institution of college. Each participant will exhibit both a piece of work from their college days and a recent one, so as to give an insight into the distance they have travelled, as they try to forge a path as artists in their own right. For some the journey may represent freedom, for others abandonment from the stability of college. The show should provide an interesting collection of viewing, as it displays the many different currents being traversed.

Artists taking part are: Caroline Egan, Nathalie El Baba, Phyllis Haran, Aileen Kavanagh, Catherine Keneally, Patricia Lysaght, Mark McLoughlin, Elaine O'Shaughnessy, Patsy Preston, Elaine Quinlan, Sheila Quinn, Mary Ryan, Emma Stewart-Liberty.

100 Years of Albanian Independence – Photography Exhibition30th January to 2nd March, 2013
100 Years of Albanian Independence – Photography Exhibition
Foyer of the Clare Museum, Ennis

The Clare Albanian Community and Irish Friends of Albania put this photographic exhibition together with their great yearning for Albania and to mark 100 years of Albanian independence. It was launched in Galway in late 2012 and Clare is the next stop, which is appropriate, as there is a sizable Albanian population in the county.

The Albanian people are descended from Illyrians, who arrived in the Balkans around 2000 BC. Albania has been controlled nearly continuously by a succession of foreign powers until the mid-20th century, with only brief periods of self-rule. In the 11th century, Byzantine Emperor Alexius made the first recorded reference to a distinct area of land known as Albania and to its people. The Ottoman Empire ruled Albania from 1385-1912. During this time, much of the population converted to the Islamic faith, and Albanians also emigrated to Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Turkey.

The League of Prizren (1878) promoted the idea of an Albanian nation-state and established the modern Albanian alphabet, updating a language that survived the hundreds of years of Ottoman rule despite being outlawed.

By the early 20th century, the weakened Ottoman Empire was no longer able to suppress Albanian nationalism. Following the conclusion of the First Balkan War, Albanians issued the Vlore Proclamation of November 28, 1912, declaring independence and the Great Powers established Albania's borders in 1913. Albania's territorial integrity was confirmed at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, after U.S. President Woodrow Wilson dismissed a plan by the European powers to divide Albania among its neighbors.

During the Second World War, Albania was occupied first by Italy (1939-1943) and then by Germany (1943-44). After the war, Communist Party leader Enver Hoxha, managed to preserve Albania's territorial integrity during the next 40 years, but demanded a terrible price from the population, which was subjected to repression of civil and political rights, a total ban on religious, and increased isolation.

Following Hoxha's death in 1985 and the subsequent fall of communism in 1991, Albanian society struggled to overcome its historical isolation and underdevelopment. During the initial transition period, the Albanian Government wanted closer relationships with the West in order to improve economic conditions and introduced basic democratic reforms, including a multi-party system.

Now, Albania is a member of the UN, member NATO, member of Council of Europe, and a potential candidate of the European Union since January 2003, and it formally applied for EU membership on 28 April 2009.

This year, is a year long celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Albania when Albanians celebrate the 100th birthday of establishing the Independent Albania, the first Albanian state in modern history. This exhibition, featuring photographic prints from the Albanian national museum, is dedicated to this anniversary.

The exhibition will be launched on Saturday, February 2nd at 3.30pm in the Clare Museum by Dr. Jack McCann, chairman of the Irish Friends of Albania. All are welcome

For further information contact:

VIEW - Art Exhibition of recent work by Mary Fahy7th January to 26th January, 2013
‘VIEW” - an Art Exhibition of recent work by Mary Fahy
Clare Museum, Ennis,

Fahy’s most recent exhibition ‘View’ invites the observer to enter into and respond to a variety of scenes. These paintings span a range of media, from oil painting to acrylic, watercolour and mixed media collage. Fahy explores colour and texture through highly individual responses to her environment. Recurring themes include trees, coastline, reflections, the play of light on land and sea. There is a sense of recollection, of experience and of contemplation in her strongly developed pieces.

Originally from Galway, Fahy has been living in Ennistymon since 2003. She studied art in the Limerick School of Art and Design graduating in 2001 with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting. She achieved a First Class Honours in her H. Dip year in 2003, winning both the presitigious Larkin Memorial Award and Irish Times Award in 2003.

Fahy was selected for the Young Contemporaries Exhibition in the Belltable Arts Centre for her Degree Show and was also recipient of the Collector General’s Award. She was twice shortlisted for the Markievitcz Medal Painting Award. Since graduating Fahy has taught art full time as head of the Art Department in Scoil Mhuire where she has worked on many collaborative art projects funded by the Arts Office of Clare County Council and Creative Engagement. She has exhibited widely, her most recent show in Camac Arts Centre, France took place whilst on an artist residency there in July 2012.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, January 12th, 2013 at 3pm and all are welcome to attend.

Opening Hours / Uaireannta Oscailte:
Tuesday - Saturday 10 -1 & 2 – 5.30p.m.
For sales enquiries please phone/text: 087 6746790 or email Facebook: Clare Arts Office

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