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Arts Exhibitions 2014

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Exhibition of the work of the late Clare artist D.B.Twohigk Saturday Sept 13th - Thursday Oct 9th
Exhibition of the work of the late Clare artist D.B.Twohigk
The Courthouse Gallery, Parliament Street - Ennistymon - Co. Clare

About the Exhibition:
The Courthouse Gallery Ennistymon is pleased to present a retrospective of the work of the late Clare artist D.B.Twohigk. This exhibition brings to light a selection of drawings, paintings and sculpture and features previously unseen elements of the artist’s working process including sketchbooks, studio artefacts and photographs. It will also feature an original short animated film based on the drawings of the artist which has been specially created for this exhibition by his son, animator Ruairi Twohig.

About the Artist:
D.B.Twohigk 1946 - 2009, artist, sculptor, poet, thinker was born in Dublin, spending much of his professional career based in Co. Clare. A graduate of the National College of Art and a prolific artist of immense talent, his body of work spans 40 years,25 from his studio home in The Old Schoolhouse, Gortbofarna, Inagh.

Known primarily for his public stone carved sculptures but never limited to a specific style or medium, Twohigk was deeply embedded in an artistic exploration of daily routines, customs and the rituals of everyday life. Drawing inspiration from many sources such as local landscapes, people and his environment, his later work was concerned with a self examination and social examination with the human figure portrayed in all its human sensibilities, to use his own words ‘being part of innumerable forces in space, matter, motion and light.’Inspired also by the philosophical writings of Heidegger and Husserl, his artworks distilled ideas and experiences to reveal their poetic essence and in a way to render visible the hidden truths and meanings in even the smallest of life’s actions.

Contact: Exhibition Curator: Ivan Twohig - Phone: +33 (0)6 76 06 77 03 - Email:

Parliament Street - Ennistymon - Co. Clare
065 707 1630
Facebook: Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 5 pm

Scattery Island Paintings by Senan O'BrienJune 23rd - July 11th
Scattery Island Paintings by Senan O'Brien
Cultúrlann Sweeney, Kilkee

Born in 1964 in Dublin, the youngest son of Denis O’Brien the noted Dublin artist and sculptor and Lilian (nee Behan) from Kilrush Co. Clare, Senan was named after his parents’ friend and fellow artist Fr. Senan Hederman O.F. M. from Ennis. Senan received many letters from Fr. Senan always commencing ‘My dear namesake’. In fact Fr.Senan gave his namesake one of his works, a beautiful oil painting of Saint Fabiola, a copy of the long lost original by Jean-Jacque Henner.

Senan attended Carlow Regional College, following on to Bolton Street College of Technology, Dublin. His early artistic training was accomplished as a small child at the side of his father, Denis O’Brien. His father was firm in his insistence that Senan attain complete proficiency in drawing before moving on to other media, so that Senan did not lift a paintbrush until he was eighteen years old. His more formal education led him into an early career in graphic and structural design. Senan’s contemporary realistic style developed over the past twenty years, even as he worked in a number of graphic design situations. Several years after his beloved father’s death in 1985, Senan’s career passed through an unquiet period, which found him for a short time with a design department for a movie studio.

It was in 1996 that he decided to devote himself exclusively to painting. His bond with the nearby countryside and the people who live there, simply going about their rural daily life, is a major part of his inspiration.

Senan was introduced to Scattery Island shortly after his mother Lilian passed away. They were devoted to each other and she spent many hours in his studio just watching him paint. She would have been particularly proud of his paintings of Scattery Island , an island she knew very well. Senan could feel her spirit watching over and guiding him as he painted the series.

Senan’s work is held in high regard and some of his commissions include A.I.B. Bank and Mary McAleese. Solo Exhibitions include; Tinahely Courthouse Centre, Tinahely Co. Wicklow. Wexford Opera Festival, Eigse Arts Festival, Co.Carlow. Arklow Arts Centre, Athy County Library. Listowel Arts Centre, Athy Art Group, American Women’s Club of Brussels, Belgium. Iontas at The Guinness Hop Store, Sol art gallery Dublin. Since 2011 Senan has had many of his works, including the Scattery Island Series on display in the Riverside Art Gallery in Tinahely. Senan is currently carrying out numerous private commissions.

Press enquiries c/o John Kane, Riverside Art Gallery, Tinahely, Co.Wicklow.
Tel: 0402 238786.

“All that is Solid Melts into Air”January 14th to 31st
“All that is Solid Melts into Air”
An exhibition of photography by Pip Sides and paintings by Cathal Butler.
Cultúrlann Sweeney, Kilkee

Two west Clare artists have combined to create an interesting exhibition of paintings and photography, exploring the landscape, seascape and vulnerability of the Loophead area.

Cathal Butler is originally from Limerick but now resides in Kilbaha. He is a self taught artist, specializing in landscapes and portraits. He work with oils using both brushes and palette knifes to create wonderful artworks filled with colour and light.

Pip Sides has been working as a fine art photographer since 1995, starting out trading on the Galway market and going on to open two galleries, one in The Buttermarket, Enniskillen from 2002 to 2008 and one in The Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin from 2006 to 2008. He has exhibited all over Ireland and also in France and the USA. In 2002 he was commissioned by O'Brien press to collaborate on a book written by Eithne Massey entitled Legendary Ireland. Each image captures different myths and legends from the text. Pip's commissions are wide ranging from British Royalty Prince Charles, to Sinn Fein and DUP MPs to a former Irish Taoiseach and many more private buyers worldwide. His photography has taken him all over the world from Nagorno-Karabakh to the seascapes of Northern California but it is the west coast of Ireland that excites him the most in particular The Loop Head Peninsula where he resides with his family. Here, he runs art workshops with his partner Karen McCormack under the “Loopyhouse” banner. Sea Kayaking, philosophy and photography are three of Pip’s most loved passions. This exhibition combines them all in a celebration of the Loophead Penninsula.

‘The full Moon always has an effect on us mere humans, the moon shares a cycle with women, a cycle that keeps the human race alive. Women and liquid water are what we need, what all life needs on this planet to survive, essential parts of the cycle. Sadly we have been disrespectful to both’ says Pip. He goes on to say that ‘The latest fear for people living on the Loophead Penninsula is that our stunning landscape and our water could be destroyed by Hydraulic Fracturing Energy Companies, in their reckless pursuit of gas and money regardless of the cost to the environment and the community who live and work the land and sea’.

'When all the trees have been cut down,
when all the animals have been hunted,
when all the waters are polluted,
when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
only then will you discover you cannot eat money'
Cree Prophecy

‘This piece from the 19th century Cree tribe in America was a response from a people who saw Western Man destroy the America of forests and wide open plains that they had lived off harmoniously for centuries. Ireland has been stripped of its forests by her colonial overlords over centuries, now in our Republic our officials are in discussions to allow multi national energy companies to risk poisoning our water. We have to learn from our mistakes in the past, and we have to honour our water, nature and humanity.’

Pip’s exhibition is dedicated to a dear friend who he only knew for a couple of years but whose energy and love for people and the sea lives on - a fisherman, a father, and a poet.

'Point the nose into the wind & keep an even keel' - Hopper Ryan.

For further information contact: Cathal Butler:
Pip Sides:,,

“Wood Sculptures Exhibition” by Gerry FennimanJanuary 13th to 31st
“Wood Sculptures Exhibition” by Gerry Fenniman
Clare Museum, Ennis

Gerard Fenniman was born in New York and raised in Barefield, Ennis, Co Clare. He attended Limerick School of Art and Design where he graduated in 1992. This exhibition in the County Museum in Ennis is his first exhibition in Ennis in 20 years, as he moved to London and then New York after graduating before eventually settling back in West Limerick in 2008. Since then, he has exhibited regularly, using wood as his main material. He choses to explore various concepts and ideas through his woodworking process, including furniture making and wood turning.

His work is based on spirituality and belief, some pieces relating to literal practices and expressions, others more contemplative in their origin. Each work, however, is explored through visual language and metaphor.

The central piece on display in this exhibition relates to a particular inscription often found on penal crosses. The inscription depicts a rooster over a bowl, representing the story of Judas Iscariot arriving home to his wife, who was boiling a rooster in a bowl, telling her of his intent to hang himself, and explaining what he had done. He continued that whenever Jesus rose from the dead that he wouldn't be able to face him, to which his wife ominously replies "there is as much chance of Jesus rising from the dead as there is of this rooster"….at which point the rooster rises from the pot,

For further information contact:

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