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Embrace - Arts and Disability Programme

List of Participating Organisations

Avonree House

Aims & Objectives: Support and provision of full time care to Adult Intellectual Disabilities Residents
Contact person: G Hegarty CNM2
Address: Lime Kiln Road, Kilrush, Co Clare
Telephone/e-mail: 065-9051188
Number of Clients: 10
Workshop Venue & Time: Dining room – Avonree House
Disability Group: Mental health / Intellectual disabilities
Interests: Music & Art

Brothers of Charity (Carra Mór)

Aims & Objectives: The Brothers of Charity ìs a person-centred organization that recognizes each person as unique. Our vision is to support each individual to achieve a full and valued life in their community. We are fully committed in our actions to work towards this vision.
Contact person: Aisling McCarthy
Address: Carra Mór, Ennis, Co. Clare
Telephone/e-mail: 065 6821592
Number of Clients: 9
Workshop Venue & Time: Residential House - Recreation room
Disability Group: Intellectual / physical / sensory
Interests: Visual Art / Music / Tactile crafts

Brothers of Charity – Community Services

Aims & Objectives: Love & respect toward a full and valued life in the community. We aim to bring supports closer to where people live. We support people to have valued & inclusive lives with meaningful relationships in their communities.
Contact person: Patrick Quinn
Address: Gort Rd Industrial Est. Gort Road, Ennis
Telephone/e-mail: 087 2763605
Number of Clients: 35
Workshop Venue & Time: As appropriate to group within local community
Disability Group: Intellectual disability
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Dance, Drama, Music, Literature

Brothers of Charity (East Clare Project)

Aims & Objectives: We are interested in facilitating classes that are open to all people in East Clare. Helping people to get to know each other; have fun and explore their creative side. Taking on valued roles as students, friends, contributors & artists and helping our local communities to be welcoming and inclusive.
Contact person: Katie Bone
Address: Glenaan Glás Centre, Tuamgraney, Co. Clare
Telephone/e-mail: 061 640752
Number of Clients: 7/8
Workshop Venue & Time: Community Co-op, Derg House, Adult Education Centre
Disability Group:: All
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Music

Brothers of Charity (Knockaderry)

Aims & Objectives: Knockaderry is a residential home for adults with an intellectual disability who are with the Brothers of Charity. The five adults who live here each have their own Personal Individual Plan that helps them decide the various activities and lifestyle choices they choose to help them fulfill their goals and dreams in their lives.
Contact person: Sinéad McMahon
Address: Knockaderry, Ennis
Telephone/e-mail: 065 6864638
Number of Clients: 5/6
Workshop Venue & Time: Residential house
Disability Group: Intellectual, Physical
Interests: Visual Art, Craft

Brothers of Charity (North Clare)

Aims & Objectives: Our service support is based on the diverse needs and desires of each individual. Therefore a wide range of training, leisure, work and employment opportunities are sourced and supported where needed.
Contact person: Louise Skerritt
Address: Dough, Lahinch Road, Ennistymon
Telephone/e-mail: 065 7072938
Number of Clients: 14
Workshop Venue & Time: Depends on clients’ needs
Disability Group: Intellectual, Physical, Sensory
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Dance, Drama, Music, Literature

Brothers of Charity (Rehabilitative Training Centre)

Aims & Objectives: We work with the person to assist with developing independence and understanding, so they can progress in life accessing fulfilling experiences relevant to them.
Contact person: Kevin Delaney
Address: Rehabilitative Training Centre, Clonroad Business Park, Ennis, Co.Clare
Telephone/e-mail: 065 6843798
Number of Clients: 17 (group size 6-8)
Workshop Venue & Time: Daytime - Training room/work space available in centre
Disability Group: Intellectual, Physical
Interests: Visual Art & Design

Brothers of Charity (West Clare)

Aims & Objectives: The Brothers of Charity promote love and respect for all towards a full and valued life.
Contact person: Pat Lillis / Maura O’Gorman
Address: Hector Street, Kilrush
Telephone/e-mail: 065 9052299
Number of Clients: 30 approx
Workshop Venue & Time: Weekdays & Evenings
Disability Group: Intellectual, physical, sensory
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Dance, Drama, Music, Literature

Brothers of Charity (Woodlands/Castle Lawn)

Aims & Objectives: Woodlands and Castle Lawn are retirement group homes providing a relaxed, peaceful environment. Residents are interested in art as a relaxing & stimulating pastime.
Contact person: Sheila Kelly
Address: Woodlands, Ennis
Telephone/e-mail: 065 6821744
Number of Clients: 6/7 between two venues
Workshop Venue & Time: Residential houses
Disability Group: Intellectual, Physical
Interests: Visual Art & Craft

Brothers of Charity (Workshop)

Aims & Objectives: Interested in all art forms as an enjoyable way to improve confidence, autonomy, self expression and integration.
Contact person: Fiona Hardy
Telephone/e-mail: 065 6823123
Number of Clients: 6/8 in participating group
Workshop Venue & Time: To be arranged
Disability Group: Intellectual, Physical
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Drama

Clare Crusaders

Aims & Objectives: Helping children with special needs in Clare
Contact person: Ann Norton / Ann Enright
Address: Barefield, Ennis, Co. Clare
Telephone/e-mail: 087 6679340 / 087 6913391
Number of Clients: 160 children
Workshop Venue & Time: Ennis area (venue to be confirmed)
Disability Group: Children with various disabilities
Interests: Music / Visual art

Clare Mental Health Services (Community Rehabilitation Service)

Aims & Objectives:
Contact person: Deirdre Hearne/ Rita McMahon (Gort Glás)
Address: Cappahard Lodge, Tulla Road, Ennis
Telephone/e-mail: 065 6865436 / / 065 6845699 (Gort Glás)
Number of Clients: 30 total across 3 venues
Workshop Venue & Time: 2 x support hostels Ennis (Gort Glás / Teach na Beithe)
Disability Group: Mental Health
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Dance, Drama, Music, Literature

Disabled People of Clare

Aims & Objectives: DPOC is the Centre for Independent Living in Co. Clare and our primary aim is to ensure that people who have disabilities are supported to live self-determined lives of the highest possible quality while experiencing full & equal participation in society.
Contact person: Martina Halpin
Address: Unit 1, Clonroad Business Park, Ennis
Telephone/e-mail: 065 6843488
Number of Clients: 170 members in organisation
Workshop Venue & Time: DPOC Meeting room in Clonroad, Ennis
Disability Group: Physical, Sensory
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Drama, Music

Drop In Zone, Ennis Mental Health Association

Aims & Objectives: Drop in Zone was established as a casual meeting place in a friendly, social and non-threatening situation. Attendance is informal and members are encouraged to suggest types of activity of interest. The group has the benefit of facilitators who guide them towards group cohesiveness & social interaction.
Contact person: Tom McGrath
Address: Coole Lodge, Francis Street, Ennis
Number of Clients: 6-15 clients
Workshop Venue & Time: St. Anthony’s Hall, Francis St, Ennis Tuesday evenings – Saturday mornings
Disability Group: Positive Mental Health
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Dance, Music, Literature

Dulick Enterprise Centre (HSE)

Aims & Objectives: The Rehabilitative Training and Sheltered Activity Services enable and empower people with disabilities to achieve the maximum level of social and economic independence by providing the highest quality training and Sheltered Activity opportunities. Dulick Enterprise Centre provides sheltered Workshop Services with activity in Horticulture, Arts & Crafts and Leisure.
Contact person: Denise Wynne
Address: Dulick Enterprise Centre, Gort Road, Ennis
Telephone/e-mail: 065 6863728
Number of Clients: 12–15 in group
Workshop Venue & Time: Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm
Disability Group: Physical, Sensory, Intellectual
Interests: Visual Art / Crafts / Music

Enable Ireland

Aims & Objectives: Enable Ireland’s mission is to work in partnership with those who use the services to achieve maximum independence, choice and inclusion in their communities.
Contact person: Barbara Curley
Address: Enable Ireland Adult Services, Unit 2, Clonroad Business Park, Ennis
Telephone/e-mail: 065 6843047
Number of Clients: 19
Workshop Venue & Time: Purpose built accessible centre with variety of rooms for projects during daytime Mon – Fri.
Disability Group: Primary Physical & Sensory
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Drama, Music

Ennis Arch Club

Aims & Objectives:The Club aims to enhance and enrich the lives of people with special needs and their families. It provides a weekly social outlet for young people with special needs to encourage companionship, joviality and recreation through participation in a wide variety of activities. The club also aims to promote inclusion and awareness amongst young people in the community.
Contact person: Maria Clohessy / Tommy Ryan
Address: Aylmers Cross, Turnpike Road, Ennis, Co Clare/ 19, Gallows Hill, Ennis, Co Clare
Telephone/e-mail: 086 1054950/ 065 6829321
Number of Clients: 18
Workshop Venue & Time: St Anthony’s Hall, Ennis Saturday evenings 7 – 9 p.m.
Disability Group: Intellectual, Physical, Sensory
Interests: Dance, Drama, Music

Ennis Day Centre

Aims & Objectives: Development of awareness, Skills building, Promotion of Self Esteem, Development of Interpersonal Skills
Contact person: Ciara Mulvihil CNM2
Address: St.Anthony’s Hall, Francis Street, Ennis
Number of Clients: 30
Workshop Venue & Time: Day Centre weekdays 2.00 – 3.30pm
Disability Group: Mental Health
Interests: Arts & Crafts, Music, Drama

Irish Wheelchair Association

Aims & Objectives:The Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) was founded in 1960 by a small group of wheelchair users committed to improving the lives of people with physical disabilities in Ireland. IWA has gone on to become an important provider of quality services to people with limited mobility throughout the country.
Today, our association is made up of a vibrant network of 20,000 members and 2,000 staff, as well as many dedicated volunteers. Together we work to achieve greater independence, freedom and choice for people living with a disability.
• Our aims are to: Identify the needs of people with limited mobility; Empower people with the skills and backup to help them address their identified needs and to participate in society;
Create awareness of the rights and needs of our members amongst policy makers, service providers, the public; Advocate with and on behalf of people with limited mobility for improved services and benefits;Provide and promote appropriate services.
Contact person: Catherine Earley
Address: Centre Point Business Park, Orchard Lane, Ennis, Co. Clare
Telephone/e-mail: 065 6844150
Number of Clients: 65
Workshop Venue & Time: Monday – Miltown
Tuesday – Ennis
Wednesday - Miltown, Ennistymon, Kilrush.
Thursday – Killaloe
Friday – Younger members activities
Disability Group: Physical & sensory disabilities
Interests: Educational, sporting & cultural

New Horizons Social Club

Aims & Objectives: New Horizons club is a vital element of members’ weekly social interaction, providing opportunities for them to express themselves. Art is recognized as a valuable tool for self & collaborative expression.
Contact person: c/o Vera Moloney
Address: Avalon, 51 Kincora Park, Ennis, Co. Clare
Telephone/e-mail: 085 1213645
Number of Clients: 60
Workshop Venue & Time: 8pm-10pm Fri evenings
Disability Group: An integrated group including people experiencing mental health & emotional difficulties
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Dance, Drama

North Clare Mental Health Services

Aims & Objectives:Ennistymon day centre provides a daily service for community based clients from a medium support hostel & private residences. The service provided is underpinned by the principles of recovery, of which we have a strong expectation. We promote the concept of self-management in facilitating a person’s individual journey towards recovery and view service users as active participants in their rehabilitation & recovery plans.
Contact person: Una Clancy
Address: Day Centre, Ennis Road, Ennistymon
Telephone/e-mail: 065 7071795 065 7071915 (Fax)
Number of Clients: 22 - 26
Workshop Venue & Time: Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm
Disability Group: Enduring Mental Illness
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Music, Literature

Orchard Workshop

Aims & Objectives:The Orchard provides a rehabilitative training & sheltered workshop service to help empower people with disabilities to achieve the maximum level of social & economic independence. Our aim is to provide the highest quality training and sheltered work opportunities.
Contact person: Carmel McCormack
Address: Orchard Workshop, Stewart Street, Kilrush
Telephone/e-mail: 065 9051740
Number of Clients: 8-12
Workshop Venue & Time: The workshop operates as a day centre Mon - Fri
Disability Group: Mental Health
Interests: Visual art

St. Anne’s School

Aims & Objectives:“To be all that you can be.” St.Anne’s is a progressively modern Primary & Secondary school that specializes in providing programmes designed to cater for students with learning difficulties. The school emphasizes that each student should have a well balanced education along with an appreciation of self and others.
Contact person: David Bell
Address: St. Senan’s Road, Corrovorrin, Ennis
Telephone/e-mail: 065 6829072
Number of Clients: 64 (aged 4-18 yrs)
Workshop Venue & Time: Depends on clients’ needs
Disability Group: Mild/General learning difficulties; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Autistic Spectrum Disorders;
Varying other special needs.
Interests: Visual Art, Pottery, Mosaic, Dance/Movement, Drama, Music

West Clare Mental Health Services

Aims & Objectives:
Contact person: Breda Latham
Address: Kilrush Day Hospital, St. Joseph’s Terrace, Kilrush
Telephone/e-mail: 065 9054100
Number of Clients: 350
Workshop Venue & Time: Depends on clients’ needs
Disability Group: Mental Health
Interests: Visual Art, Craft, Dance, Drama, Music, Literature

West Clare Family Resource Centre

Aims & Objectives: The purpose of the project is to offer local people of all abilities opportunities to actively participate in social activities, events, learning and development whilst accessing support, information and services.
The aims of the outreach groups are to bring people together to meet their own needs through accessing resources, information and support from each other and the outreach workers.
The aims of the groups are achieved through:
• Socialising – tea, chat, seeking and sharing information, problem solving, pooling ideas and resources.
• Integrating people with disabilities or low self esteem in to their local community.
• Identifying their needs and concerns; and those of their neighbours or other family members.
• Offering information, support, encouragement and motivation to help empower individual participants and the group around its development potential.
Potential activities ; arts and crafts, information events, celebration days, regular tea dances, fund raising, social events, training and development – aging with confidence and on track training.
Contact person: Tina Andreucetti, Project Leader.
Address: The Community Centre, 1 Toler Street, Kilrush, Co. Clare.
Telephone/e-mail: 065 905 2173.
Number of Clients: 8 – 15 depending on area / group.
Workshop Venue & Time: Kilrush Community Centre; Kilkee Community Centre; Carrigaholt Teach Cheoil;
Cooraclare Community Centre (venues subject to availability and confirmation) Times and dates to be confirmed.
Disability Group: People over 55 years.
Interests: Using the medium of drama and arts to explore the challenges of aging & disability and creative ways to meet changing needs of older people living in West Clare. Leading to awareness raising event in each locality around positive aging and WCFRC Supports and Services Project.

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