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Embrace - Arts and Disability Programme

Ruth Marshall

Artist Details: Artists Database Ruth Marshall Profile
Travel Arrangements: Ruth is willing to travel throughout the county but currently not available on Mondays or Fridays.
Project Information:

Storytelling and story-making. Our lives are full of stories. Some are stories of loss, while others celebrate our growth. Stories are a valuable resource: many traditional tales contain great wisdom. We also have the capacity to create new stories – stories that empower us and help us make change in our lives. Sharing stories helps us to speak up, speak out and also to deepen our capacity to listen to each other. Ruth has trained in storytelling as a healing art at The School of Storytelling, Emerson College, UK.

Preferred Disability Group: Open to working with all groups.
Specific Experience: No previous experience working in this field but she has worked with children, teenagers and adults in schools & community groups.

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