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Guidelines for use of Gallery Space at Culturlann Sweeney, Kilkee

Tel: 065-90607691

1. All applications to use the gallery space at Cultúrlann Sweeney, Kilkee must be made with the Arts Officer, County Library Headquarters, Mill Road, Ennis, Co. Clare

2. Applications must be made in writing. Successful applications are at the discretion of the Arts Officer. The Arts Officer reserves the right to refuse an exhibition without giving any reason. Artists wishing to use the space should include a CV and photographs / slides / CD of the work they propose to show. These will be returned.

3. Artist groups wishing to use the space should include a list of members participating. CVs and photographs/slides CD may be requested at the Arts Officers discretion.

4. The gallery space is provided free of charge. No payment is made to artists exhibiting. It is the responsibility of the artist to look after sales and to provide and display contact information within the gallery for the public. Theatre staff will only handle sales for the artist if requested by the artist to do so and on the understanding that payment will be made to Clare County Council for the artworks and that the exhibiting artist will need to invoice Clare County Council at the end of the exhibition to recoup the value of the sales.

5. Should the artist require the assistance of the theatre attendant to hang work this must be arranged with the Theatre Manager in advance of the opening of the exhibition installation. Should the artist hang their own work from the hanging system in the gallery no nails or sellotape are to be used on the walls. Artists may display their contact details on the notice board provided, nothing is to be stuck to the walls. Artists will be guided at all times by the arts officer / librarian / theatre manager / theatre attendant in relation to hanging of work.

6. A full list of works listing title, media, size and price must be submitted to the Arts Officer once the exhibition is installed. Press photos and press releases should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the installation date of the exhibition. The Arts Office will carry information on the exhibition on the library website and Clare County Council’s website. The Arts Office should be acknowledged in all publicity relating to the exhibition.

7. Artists are welcome to arrange their own openings in the gallery. All costs relating to openings are to be met by the artists. Artists are required to liase with the theatre manager if they wish to arrange an opening. The Arts Office cannot guarantee the availability of the gallery for openings taking place after normal opening hours. Invitations for opening should be issued by the artist and should not include the library or theatre telephone number as a R.S.V.P.

8. It is the policy of the County Arts Office not to allow artists exhibit in the Council spaces throughout the county simultaneously. It is the policy of the County Arts Office to promote a variety of exhibitions, consequently repeat exhibitors may be accommodated, but will not be given priority.

9. All works on show are the responsibility of the artists. Clare County Council is not responsible for invigilation of the gallery space. Cultúrlann Sweeney assumes no responsibility for work damaged, stolen or destroyed. The artist exhibits at his/her own risk.

10. It is Clare County Council policy not to offer any financial assistance for exhibitions taking place in Cultúrlann Sweeney.



Library Headquarters, Mill Road, Ennis, Co. Clare
Tel: 065 6899091 Fax: 065 684 2462



I have read the attached Guidelines for Artists wishing to use the Gallery Space at Cultúrlann Sweeney, Kilkee and agree to be bound by them

Signed: ___________________________

Date: _______________

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The Arts Office, County Library, Mill Road, Ennis, Co. Clare.


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