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Rural Arts Partnership Project

In partnership with Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology and Littoral Arts Trust (UK) the Arts Office of Clare County Council has received funding from the Arts Council of Ireland (link to to explore a proposal to establish a formal rural arts research base and development network in the west of Ireland.

The project is based on collaboration between the three agencies, all of whom have a shared interest in the development of arts practice in rural contexts. The agencies collectively bring together a range of areas of expertise including academic/educational, strategic/developmental and practical/artist focused.

The project was conceived to allow the partners to both examine and adopt a partnership approach to arts development in this specific filed.

The partners are currently exploring the research phase of the project, exploring the meaning, direction and outcome of the partnership and working towards the development of a philosophy, pedagogy, strategy and model of rural arts practice which will form the basis of a project outcome.

The partners are preparing a conference in October 2006, bringing together practitioners, academics, strategists and others with a rural development mandate, to consider the complexities of rural arts development. By engaging other agencies in the development process, the partners hope that this will in turn lead to greater sustainability of rural arts projects in future. The forum will also facilitate the creation of a wider European network, aimed at exploring and framing the parameters of the new (post-agricultural) rural art practice and pedagogy. The structure and content of the conference or forum is still dependent on the current research phase of the project.

For further information please contact Fiona Woods at

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