‘Fire and Light’

Works in Enamel by Manus Walsh
Mrua Gallery, Bellharbour, Co. Clare
March 30th - April 14th, 2002

Mrua gallery, Bellharbour, Co. Clare presents ‘Fire and Light’, a unique exhibition of original work in enamel on copper by Manus Walsh. Although well known as a painter, enamelwork has been part of Manus’s repertoire for a number of years, mainly in the decorative field of jewellery, this special exhibition however, sees a new departure – “painting” in enamel. The wonderful translucence and vibrant colour of these paintings captures his journey from the Burren landscape, to the cityscapes of Valparaiso, and the rolling hillsides of Spain and Italy, offering an exciting and distinctive collection quite unlike anything exhibited in Ireland before.

Enamelling is an ancient art dating as far back as the thirteenth century B.C. It is a vitreous glaze applied through many firings at high temperature and forms a permanent bond to the metal through which the artist can achieve great depths in colour and translucency. In the past techniques have focused on decorative art using such techniques as cloisonne, champleve etc. However, in the modern era artists have been exploring new ways of creating works in enamel. In these new and exciting works and with his wide experience in painting and craftwork,
Manus has been able to add a whole new dimension in colour and movement to his work.

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