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Meiping Vase

Made in China

Shannon Library January 3rd – 27th 2002

Shannon Library in Co. Clare is the only venue in the Republic for the prestigious Made in China exhibition on loan from the Chinese Arts Agency in Manchester, UK.

The exhibition profiles the very best of contemporary design by artists who were born, and are currently practising, in mainland China. The exhibition focuses on ceramics, graphic design, architecture, fashion and household objects and includes an architectural model, clothing, drawings and photographs.

The ‘Made in China’ Exhibition looks at key designers, focusing on the constraints and influences on their design practice from the design brief to the end product. Text panels offer a context within which to view the work as well as giving additional information on symbolism and historical references.

Throughout history Chinese designers have revolutionised the world’s approach to: engineering, textiles, warfare, ceramics etc. In recent years, however, China has been inundated with Western designs. This exhibition looks at how this has impacted on Chinese designers and questions whether a new approach to design has developed out of this meeting of cultures.

In the light of the current cultural relations being developed between Ireland and China, the Arts Office of Clare County Council has brought the exhibition to Shannon, long associated with international trade and relations.

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