‘Perception Learning to See’

Ballyvaughan September 26th - 30th, 2002

An educational project, entitled ‘Perception-Learning to See’ conducted with the help of the European Commission is appearing on the shores of Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare. The Socrates project developed over two years and involved a group of partners from different academies and art institutes in Europe (Austria, Finland, Leichtenstein, Monsserrat (UK) and Ireland. These partners sponsored the project in various ways and worked together to explore, define and make contributions to the central concept learning to see in contemporary culture. The outcomes will be a book, film, interactive CD-Rom, postcards, symposia and exhibitions. The Irish partner is the Burren College of Art, situated just 2km from the village of Ballyvaughan. It is hoped that the project's books will be available to second and third level art students in Ireland.

Following meetings in Liechtenstein and Finland it is now Ireland's turn for a visit by the partners. During the last week in September 2002 installations, workshops and meetings will take place. Representing the college of art in the project, Aine Phillips, (Head of Sculpture), will be making a series of sculptural installation works called 'View Boxes'. These will be sited at the Burren College of Art, Newtown Castle, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare on Friday 27th September (11.00am 5.00pm) and at Ballyvaughan Village Fountain & Goleen, New Pier, Ballyvaughan on Saturday 28th September (11.00am 5.00pm)

Eircom are kindly loaning some striking tents for the project. Into these red & white striped tents, in which the viewer can sit, Aine will fill the interiors with images, objects, texts, sounds, light projections and the experiences of touch & taste. She is creating these works to explore the act of perception - how we see and experience the world and life from a multi-sensual approach. Taking her own, subjective, personal imagery, memories and significant objects, the environments of the 'view boxes' will reflect Aine's own vision of synaesthetic experience - that is, a multi sensual engagement in the act of perception. Altogether there will be three 'view boxes'. One a grotto-like space, will be intimate and crowded with a rich assortment of visual art work. The second will be a meditative space using light projections and sound. The third will be occupied by the artist herself, making tea for visitors and discussing the ideas behind the 'perception - learning to see' project.

During the week of 26th-29th September 2002 other related objects of the project will be displayed in the Gallery of NUIG. The public can also attend a related workshop at NUI, Galway.

The Burren College of Art and NUI,Galway have become increasingly close as the new Master of Fine Arts programme will be launched in September 2003. The joint programme is a two-year full-time graduate degree in studio art the first of its kind in the Republic of Ireland.

Further information is available from: Eleanor Franklin, Director of Communications, Burren College of Art, Newtown Castle, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare Tel: 065 7077200 Fax: 065 7077201 E-mail: eleanor@burrencollege.com

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