The Burren Spring Conference



                 Friday 18th - Sunday 20th February

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It is February again.  Certain things happen in February, even February!  Some of them we suffer - rain, wind, long nights - but others we look forward to - lambs, daffodils and The Burren Spring Conference.   So its time to buy some mint sauce, wash the vases out, get your walking boots and notebook, and head for Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare.

As an annual event in Ireland's cultural calendar, the Burren Spring Conference is distinctive in that if offers the participant the opportunity to celebrate Ireland's most dramatic landscape at a time of the year when most of us are still shuffling about in our slippers every weekend.

This year's gathering will focus on the theme of 'Researching the Burren'.   Amongst this year's participants are Dr. Raymond Gillespie of NUI Maynooth and Bernadette Cunningham, Royal Irish Academy, who will delve into historical aspects of the Burren.  George Cunningham of Roscrea, will explore the splendours of the Cliffs of Moher and Paul McMahon of Dúchas : the Heritage Service, will host a seminar on the thorny issue of 'Tourism and the Environment' in the Burren.

The programme also features a number of walks, including an invogorating dawn walk and two afternoon hillwalks in Gleninagh and Poulnacapple.  Led by George Cunningham and Paul Gosling, these walks are designed as holistic explorations of the Burren, dipping into numerous aspects (geological, botanical, archaeological, literary) of this dramatic, karstic landscape.

The Conference rotates between the Burren College of Art at Newtown Castle, Hylands Hotel in Ballyvaughan village and throughout the rugged Burren hill slopes.

Application forms available from The Arts Officer, Library Headquarters, Mill Road, Ennis, Co. Clare.  Tel : 065 - 6821616.

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