EV+A 2000

Friends and Neighbour’s is the title of this year’s EV+A (Exhibition of Visual Art). Curated by independent critic and curator Rosa Martinez, EV+A 2000 features the work of twenty Irish and seventeen international artists. Over the next three months their work will be exhibited not just in expected gallery spaces but also in a wide variety of locations in and around the city.

Rosa Martinez believes firmly in the artist’s potential to create connections and dialogue between art, people and place. This approach is clearly evident in Friends and Neighbours where, as the title implies, an almost familial atmosphere will prompt close interactions between the artworks, their context and the public audience. Martinez selection for EV+A is characterised by its diversity, reflecting a plurality of visions but generally indicative of her conviction that art can go beyond its traditional boundaries. While the work exhibited is extremely varied, the unifying thread is the capacity of art to express the political and the personal, the geographical and the aesthetic.

For further information please contact: EV+A Administration @ Limerick City Gallery of Art, Pery Square, Limerick. Tel: 00 353 61 310 633 or email: lcgartzz@iol.ie.

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