The Girl Who Cut Flowers

Horse & Bamboo

Doonbeg Parish Community Hall, Monday, August 7th at 8pm
Russell Cultural Centre, Doolin, Tuesday, August 8th at 8pm

The Girl Who Cut Flowers tells the story of a young girl.  At first dreaming safely in her room with her toys, she gradually becomes aware of the forest outside and the wild things living there.  A goat enters the safety of her room and eats her soul while she is asleep.  When she awakes she leaves the room and searches through the forest.  Meanwhile the goat takes her place and gradually becomes transformed into a human. Finally, having found her soul in the forest the girl returns to her room to confront the goat.  There is a reconciliation and the show ends with both girl and goat dreaming in her room.

The show has been inspired by the work of the Portuguese artist Paula Rego.  Her paintings of surreal, adult-like children and grotesque adults portray a world similar to the dark fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm (before the Edwardians toned them down) or the slightly threatening surrealism of 'Alice in Wonderland'.

The production uses a variety of hand-held puppetry techniques and shadow puppetry, as well as masked characters.  It is accompanied by original music composed by Chris Davies.

These performances are being supported by the Arts Office of Clare County Council.

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