Ennis Players

Contact Person: Mick Kelly
Position: Secretary
Telephone: 065 - 6828917
E-mail: act@ennisplayers.com
Website: http://www.ennisplayers.com
Description: The Amateur Drama movement in Ireland is extremely vibrant and productive. Ennis Players have been part of this movement since the early 1940s and although the group declined in the 1960s as lifestyles and modes of entertainment changed, a revival occurred in the 1970s and the Ennis Players has been very successful since then.

Ennis Players started competing on the Drama Festival circuit in Ireland in the mid-1980s and have enjoyed considerable success with their productions.

The Group, with a current membership of approximately 50, prides itself in producing a broad and diverse spectrum of work.

Information Updated: 25th May 2004.

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