Learning in the Heart of the Burren

Clare Champion, Friday, 25th February 2000

Carron N.S. was bult in 1958 and is situated in the picturesque and scenic village of Carron, in the heart of the Burren. The new school replaces the old school which is now used as a Community Centre. The old school has also great historical links with the past as it was there that Michael Cusack, founder of the G.A.A. attended school as a boy and later, according to local tradition, as a monitor.

There are 22 pupils on roll with two teachers, Mr. Martin Clohessy and Mrs. Dolores Montgomery. The school also enjoys the services of a shared learning support teacher, Mrs. Agnes McCarthy. School maintenance is carried out by Mrs. Nuala Daly, under the Clare Education FÁS Scheme.

A wide ranging curriculum is taught in the school placing great emphasis on sports, music, art, concerts and computers. Continuing the proud tradition of football in the Michael Cusack's area, the school, along with local national schools, has won many primary schools football competitions. Three in a row were won in 1983, 1984 and 1985, with the most recent win in 1996.

Swimming classes in Seaworld, Lahinch, have also proven popular with the children. Music forms an important part of the school curriculum.  Tin whistle playing, taught in school, lays a solid foundation for a love of Irish traditional music. The children also enjoy working on the school computers which greatly enhance learning.

Preparation for the participation in the school Millennium Concert was a major highlight of the first term for all the children. The concert concluded with the launching of the school Millennium Triptych. This depicts in scenes and symbols a series of historical events that influenced the course of Irish history since the birth of Christ. The school children, guided by Sandra Hurley, the art tutor, spent many painstaking hours preparing the Triptych which is on display in the school.

The natural beauty of the area and of the local environment has been instrumental in developing a love of nature and environmental awareness in the children. From time to time a Conservation Ranger from the Heritage service, Dúchas, visits the school to give the children specific lessons on nature. Visits to local archaeological sites and nature trips and walks to Mullaghmore are also incorporated in the Environmental Education Programme.

Participation in the parish liturgy is also an important element of the school. Many of the children sing in the church choir and serve at Mass as altar boys and girls.

The school has a proud tradition of supporting the work of the missions. Missionary magazines are distributed to the houses of the parishioners by the children and the proceeds forwarded to the relevant missionary funds.

Time for a game of football
during lunch time at Carron N.S.
Tin Whistle class in
progress at Carron N.S.

Photographs by John Kelly, Clare Champion.

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