Doonbeg's Young Graduates have their Day in the Sun

Clare Champion, Friday, 7th July 2000

It's not everyday that a group of graduates line up for John Kelly's camera in frilly socks and short pants. And it's not often that some graduates refuse to wear their caps and gowns on account of they looking "funny". Rarer still is a scrap between the graduates at a graduation ceremony.

But, here in Clare, anything goes and the socks, the shorts, the tears, and the tussles were crucial elements in making these toddlers from Doonbeg the graduation stars of the summer.

The children may be headed for maturity and junior infants but they made a spectacular exit from toddlerhood as they donned caps and gowns and accepted parchments in recognition of their first foray into the education system.

All had just completed their first year in the Irish language pre-school based at the local national school.

If the cap fits.... Donning her cap before
the graduation ceremony at Naionra Dun
Beag Playschool was Rosemary O'Dwyer.
Keep your hat on.... Celebrating his
graduation from Naionra Dun Beag
Playschool was Ross Burke.

Photographs by John Kelly, Clare Champion.

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