Flying the Flag in Flagmount

Clare Champion, Friday, 21st May 1999

Flagmount National School first opened its doors in May 1974, as a central school. The little one and two teacher schools of Slieveanore, Currakyle, Knockbeha, Gortaveha and Duglawn were deemed to have served their purposes, according to the Government policy of the time, and the pupils in those outlying areas were bussed to the new location.

Twenty five years on the school is a vibrant, busy place despite a drop in pupil numbers due, in the main, to past emigration and smaller families.

Music, step dancing, hurling, camogie, swimming and athletics have all been part of the school programme in addition to the prescribed curriculum. The school has also embraced the information age and with five computers and printers, pupils from junior infants to sixth are being given plenty of opportunity to enhance their skills.

Flagmount has a hard-working parents association, which is a great support. A highly committed board of management ensures that the school is ship-shape and pupils and teachers, therefore, have the necessary back-up to ensure an ideal learning environment.

The provision in this school year of a shared support teacher is of enormous benefit to the work of the school. The local FÁS scheme does superb work on the school grounds and the FÁS secretary is another excellent addition to the staff.

All concerned also pay tribute to Mrs. Mary Rodgers, who retired recently after twenty-five years of wonderful service as school cleaner.

Lough Graney Community Playgroup, under the expert direction of Tina Broderick, meet three days a week in a vacant classroom to provide pre-school education for the area, and prepares pupils for primary school by removing the fear of their new surroundings.

The school teaching staff includes Pat McNamara, Principal, Marie Whelan, Pauline McGrath and Loretta Brody - shared support teacher. The secretary is Sarah Sparkes.

The mural is currently being undertaken on the wall of the school shelter. This is to celebrate twenty-five years of Flagmount School and the coming of the millennium. Shona Jamie, Margaret Curran, Peter Ward and Joe Noonan are helping with this project. Shona and Margaret are members of the Hooley Theatre Company, an East Clare based community arts group. Shanahan's in Ennis have helped with the paint while parents have also contributed paint to the project.

The only three in second class - Seamus
Noonan, Megan Holland and Eoin Canny.
Dan Dudley and Louise McNamara listening
to a story at Flagmount N.S.

Photographs by John Kelly, Clare Champion.

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