Happy Days

Clare Champion, Friday, 17th December 1999

They live in one of the most scenic areas of the county and the bright colours on the classroom walls of Killaloe Girl's National School help reflect the happy atmosphere in which the children work and play.

The present building was erected in 1963 and incorporates the refurbished old school in the grounds, dating back to 1898. The original building now provides two extra classrooms and a hall which is often host to parish functions.

This is an all girls school with four teachers on the staff at present - Mrs. Scanlan, Mrs. Corbett, Mrs. O'Shea and principal, Sr. Marian Nestor.  She explains that pupils are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of activities, among them, art competitions, projects and literature, poetry and creative writing events at both local and national level.  Speech and drama classes have been part of the school programme for the past nine years and the children take part in examinations at all levels. Lorraine O'Flanagan is the teacher currently working with all age groups.

Computers are an important element in the life of the school with pupils from first to sixth classes receiving special tuition weekly from Una Kierse, a local parent and computer expert. According to Sister Marian, the environment also plays a huge role in the school curriculum, with gardening, flower planting and weeding all incorporated into the nature programme.

The school likewise promotes a healthy eating programme and, with the co-operation of the parents, it has proved very successful over a long number of years. A representative of Derg Credit Union visits the school on a weekly basis, thus encouraging the children to save money and develop good spending habits.

Sr. Marian points out that the parish liturgy is another important element of the school with many youngsters taking part in the Sunday liturgy as readers, singers and altar girls. Excitement is also building at present in preparation for the annual Christmas Show, in which every pupil plays a part. This year's programme, scheduled for airing on December 6th and 7th, will have a special millennium flavour. As always, Kay McGrath, leader of the local folk choir, will provide the musical backup.

Rosanna Egan and Amy Conway working
on their Geography at the Convent of Mercy
Girls National School, Killaloe.
Aishling Egan, 1st class, solving a maths
question at the Convent of Mercy Girls
National School, Killaloe.

Photographs by Eamon Ward, Clare Champion.

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