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Visitor's Book
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Visitor's Book 1998

Date: 8th December 1998
Dear Sir/Madam,
My compliments to you on your web page. It was most informative and I am impressed by the amount of Clare resources you have housed in your library.
Jerry Browne.

Date: 31st October 1998
Thank you for providing an excellent web site! Our two weeks visit to Ireland this past summer was too short - we will be back!
Dave Haldeman.

Date: 24th October 1998
Enjoyed your site.
Andrew Ryan.

Date: 20th October 1998
To whom it may concern,
I have just found this site and let me commend the efforts of the people involved in the production of it. . . . . . .
Yours sincerely,
Joseph King.

Date: 6th October 1998
Dear Clare Library,
Congratulations on your excellent Home Page . . . .
With Best Wishes,
Maeve Friel (Children's Author).

Date: 6th October 1998
Just visiting. Excellent. Looking forward to on-line catalogue. Hope we in Monaghan Co. Library can follow suit in the not-too-distant future. . . . .
Well done,
Mike Maguire.

Date: 2nd October 1998
Congratulations on receiving the award for best Home Page. It is nice to read about Clare on the Net.
From an exile in Dublin!!
Declan Rouine.

Date: 1st October 1998
Dear Library,
Congrats on the web-page . . . . .
Dr. George FitzGerald.

Date: 16th May 1998
Hello, I just found your wonderful page for the first time! It's really good and very informative. The layout and graphics are wonderful too; overall it's the BEST Clare Web Site I have seen. I will put your site on my list of favorites and will check in from time to tome. Again, congratulations to all the people who created and worked on this page - it's brilliant!
Patricia Hogan-Le Gear.

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