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Visitor's Book
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Visitor's Book 1999

Date: 20 December 1999
I was looking for ancestral information about the Leydens of County Clare. Although I didn't find any I wish to thank you for all the County Clare historical information. It was very enlightening.
Thank You,
Mike Givens

Date: 19 December 1999
I was alerted to your site and as I am new to Irish research I thought I would give it a go. I am so glad that I did. The history articles gave me such a clear picture of the time and the place my ggrandmother left in 1856 to emigrate to Australia, where she worked and married.
Thank you.
Heather Brain.

Date: 11 December 1999
Oh thank you so very very much for putting your web site together!! It's wonderful!! Wow! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! For those of us tracing our families in Clare it is such a joy to read about its history! Thanks!!
Liz Haren

Date:8 December 1999
Hi, I visited your website - congratulations on a very professional site.
Pat O'Looney

Date: 8 December 1999
My cousin Rodger O'Donahue lives in Rineen. He is a 1st cousin of mine and I visited with him and his daughter's family this last Sept. This was my 2nd visit to Clare and I am fascinated by the beautiful people & the countryside. My father grew up on the family farm in Rineen before he emigrated to Boston in 1910 at the age of 20. I was very happy to find this web site. My fathers name was Michael Foran and he was born in Ennistymon in 1890. The Clare Genealogy centre was very helpful in my search for his family.
Yours respectfully,
James Foran
Fl, U.S.A.

Date: 30 November 1999
Your site has recently been reviewed by Doras and given a 4 Shamrock rating. The review is as follows:
From history to details of towns in the county, this site is an immense pool of information. The OPAC online book search is well constructed, allowing you to use author, keyword, title or a mixture. The response from the database is impressively quick. You are also able to limit your results. The site is based within a hierarchical text-based navigation system. This ensures quicker download of pages and simplicity in browsing. The front page consists of one graphic which acts as an introduction and site-map.
Doras Editor

Date: 29 November 1999
My first visit to the Clare County Library site. I am extremely impressed. I thought I knew a little bit about the history of the county. The best site by far I have visited. Keep up the good work. Congrats to all concerned.
Le gach dea ghui,
Brian O Dalaigh

Date: 29 November 1999
Hello, I just spent some time at your site. My great grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Hickey born in County Clare. . . . You have a wonderful site and I will visit it often.
Judy Hall
Whiting, Indiana, USA

Date: 20 November 1999
I enjoyed visiting your home page and will return again and again. Wonderful design, colourful, informative . . .
Pat O'Looney
Loughhrea, Co. Galway

Date: 12 November 1999
This is a lovely site. Molaim go hard é.
Beir bua
Antoin Daltun

Date: 2 October 1999
I have visited your facilites several times. You do a fine job!!
Ray Cudmore
Silver Spring

Date: 1 October 1999
You have a very well done page on John Holland. He is an important figure, to say the least for we U.S. Submariners as we approach our century mark.
Sid Harrison

Date: 21 September 1999
Absolutely great site . . . . finding something new all the time.
Kathy Flannery
Chief Information Officer - University of Maryland - Dept. of Physchiatry

Date: 18 September 1999
Delighted to find your pages.
Maurice McDonagh
Portadown, Co. Down, Ireland.

Date: 8 September 1999
Congratulations to all who participated in the preparation of this very fine website
Jim Browne

Date: 15 September 1999
Hi! My name is Ronnie Smiley. I am a sixth grade boy in Mesa, Arizona. I will be doing a country report this year and I chose to do my study on the Emerald Island. I loved visiting your site. Thank-you.
Ronnie Smiley
Arizona, U.S.A.

Date: 15 September 1999
Congratulations on an excellent and informative site. They should be of great assistance to other Library's who will set up site's in the future.
P.J. Moloney
Limerick, Ireland

Date: 19 August 1999
I just found this website. I am from London, both my parents are from County Clare, a place called Kilmihil about 20 miles from Ennis. I am glad I found this site and it has brought back some happy memories.
Claire Murphy

Date: 4 August 1999
Your site is indeed well done. I'm impressed . . . .
Seamus Cooney
Professor, Department of English
Western Michigan University

Date: 11 July 1999
Hello, I am just visiting your website and think it is absolutely wonderful. The amount of information is great and very useful to me. I will be back.
A. Victor

Date: 29 June 1999
Many thanks for your excellent site and also for the service you run. I have had occasion to use the library and received great help.
Fr. Martin Tierney

Date: 24 June 1999
Hello Library,
I have found you at long last. I must say your site is really something. It is just brilliant, very easy to get around in and very much up to date. Keep it up.
Stephan Unglert.

Date: 10 June 1999
Thank you for having this web site available. My grandparents were both from Co. Clare . . .
I look forward to making use of your wonderful resources. Go raibh maith agat. Dia dhuit!
Jim Cullinan,

Date: 9 June 1999
Congratulations! Clare County Library has been Local Ireland Recommended. Your site has been selected out of 100s of others as being of such quality as to merit a Local Ireland Recommended stamp of quality. Initially only 500 Local Ireland Recommended marks of merit will be awarded.

The Criteria used in selecting sites for a LIR award includes:

  • Content: the accuracy, relevance and comprehensiveness of content
  • Structure: Ease of bavigation, site layout and the quality of the home page.
  • Technical information: Loading speed, size of images, programming errors etc.
  • Interactivity: User involvements, contact information, use of forms etc.
  • Responsiveness to emails: Speed of return and quality of information.

Once again congratulations for making the grade.
Emmet Kelly,
Marketing Manager,
Local Ireland.

Date: 31 May 1999
Hello! I have been researching my family history and discovered your web site. It's a great source of information. I'll be returning many times in the future I'm sure
Michael Kerins
Washington, U.S.A.

Date: 28 May 1999
Hello Clare County Libraries! I work in a library in Ontario, Canada. We are just starting to design our website, so I am searching public library sites all around the world for "do's" and "dont's". Your site provided lots of positive concepts! Wonderful colours and graphics. Simple to use and I enjoyed your interesting library history. Definitely one of the better library websites I have visited. I have been to Ireland (North and South) 14 times; I'll have th try and visit Clare on a future trip!
Sandi H.
Waterloo Public Library

Date: 22 May 1999
I have enjoyed the superb library setup. . . .
Thanks from Michael and Pat Cox.

Date: 1 May 1999
Hello. I was on the web trying to learn a little about my Irish heritage, when I found the Clare County Library. My ancestors came from Co. Clare, and I'm pleased that you have such a wonderful library and a great Web site. No wonder my father was such an avid reader and had children who read a great must be in the blood. Hope to visit in person one day.
Lisa (Clancy) Murphy
Florida, USA

Date: 5th April 1999
Hello to all at County Clare. I have been searching for information about county Clare and I was fortunate to find your website. Everything that I wanted to know was in your website.
Kindest regards to you all.
Brian Healey. Melbourne, Australia.

Date: 2nd April 1999
To whom it may concern at The Clare Library: First, my hats off to your Website! I'm digging through my family's roots, and I've enjoyed exploring the wide variety of information on your site. It's very helpful and informative to those of us who, for now, are limited to visiting your lovely country through the miracle of technolofy. I am most grateful. If my dream of visiting Ireland comes true, as I hope it will this autumn, I aim to pay you a call. Thank you.
Jim Anderson,
Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Date: 31st March 1999
I visited your site and could not leave without letting you know what a great site it is and now I can't wait to visit in person. . . .
Best wishes,
Mrs Perry McIntyre.

Date: 25th March 1999
I really liked your web site. I also read some of your books for teenagers and I thought they were very good. . . . .
Yours sincerely,
Gráinne Quigley,
Holy Family Senior School, Ennis.

Date: 24th March 1999
To all at Clare County Library, I thought you might like to know I enjoyed browsing through your website. Keep up the good work.
Doug Brouder,
Virginia, U.S.A.

Date: 3rd March 1999
Hello to all our friends at Clare County Library. I see from your website that you have been busy. Congratulations on your literature promotions . . . .
Helen Van Voorheis.
Florida, U.S.A

Date: 12th February 1999
I just discovered your website while looking up some friends on the web to see if they were famous yet. May I compliment you on an excellent site? Seems to me it's way ahead of a lot of Irish ones . . . .
Gerard Whelan (Bisto Book of the Year Award Winner 1998)

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