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Visitor's Book
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Visitor's Book 2000

22nd December 2000
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a grand new Millennium from your colleagues at the Post Falls Library. Your Web pages keep getting better. We are very impressed with your site search engine and with your array of Web search engine choices. Clare is lucky to have a team of such obviously talented, creative and dedicated librarians.
Joe Reiss

Date: 22nd December 2000
I tripped over your website in the continuing search of my Irish roots in Lisdoonvarna. Your website provided valuable information about some of my possible ancestors, and I spent hours reading about the history of the area.  This was very enlightening and provided a view of history that I previously had no appreciation for. Many thanks to the wonderful people that have created this marvelous web site, which is the best I have ever seen.
Christopher Michael Considine
Needham, Massachusetts (USA)

Date: 22nd December 2000
Hi! Congratulations on a fabulous web-site. If all the sites were as good as yours... well there's no knowing what could happen.
Best wishes
Ann McMahon

Date: 20th December 2000
You have a wonderful website - it was a joy to find. It has been a few years since I have been to Clare but your website certainly gets me thinking it is time for a visit! My aunt Bridie Ryan lives in Kilmihil - if and when you see her give her my love.
Margaret Ryan-White,
Sacramento, CA, USA

Date: 20th December 2000
Thank you for this wonderful site and a library full of wonderful information about County Calre. I know that I MUST visit, and will insure that my 'tour guide' stops by so that I can see you, and thank you in person!
Art Spencer
Delaware, USA

Date: 16th December 2000
I am always looking for great Irish sites and with yours, I have found one.  Being a courier for a large American tour company, I am always researching Ireland as I spend 150 days a year there. Clare is one of the most important areas of touring.
Thanks again.
Jim Martin

Date: 11th December 2000
Greetings.  Thanks to Paddy Lowry I found your site.  I can see that I will spend many hours "touring" it.  I am an Australian, trying to locate my Irish roots from information that I have regarding my Great Grandmother.
Denise MacKay

Date: 10th December 2000
Dear Sir,
You can not imagine how good I feel every time I enter in your website.  I lived in Ennis for about one year in 1989 and am currently living in USA.  Your library always brings me wonderful memories.
Thank you,
Rene Guerra, M.D.

Date: 8th December 2000
A Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from Australia. Once again thank you very much for your help in the previous months.  My Geneology has taken a new direction since I connected to your site.  Have a Great Christmas.
Mrs. Marilyn Gould,
Sth. Australia.

Date: 1st December 2000
Congratulations on your North Clare World War I veterans page.
P. J. Clarke,
Ballina, Co. Mayo.

Date: 13th November 2000
I really appreciate your web site. I have learned so many things about my heritage from here. I've always wanted to know about the place my great grandfather came from.
Charlotte Holleran.

Date: 13th November 2000
Just thought I would let you know how impressed I am with your Web Site. I have been searching for my Ancestors (O'Neil, O'Connor, Donahue and Liston). Your site has been a great help. We intend on making the trip over possibly next year and will visit the Library and the County Clare especially Miltown Malbay. Keep up the excellent work.
Thank you.
Gary F.O'Neill.

Date: 6th November 2000
Hello, I just was lucky enough to come across your wonderful site on the internet and I must say, I find it very interesting and informative. I am really interested in this site, because I have a friend of some 40 years or so living in Ennis and I long for the day when I and my wife can visit with him. His name is Paul Keane.
Thank you very much,
Jim Keim

Date: 31st October 2000
You should have a medal! The Griffith's Valuation online? I can't tell you how helpful this has been. I have travelled to Ireland every year for the past 5 and never have had time to stop and review the records. This year I was in Dublin and did get a chance to visit the National Library and do some research, but nothing as revealing as this.
Thank you again.
Barbra Horrigan Goins,
Brighton, Michigan, USA.

Date: 22nd October 2000
G'day from down under Australia. Great site I have leant so much which will help with my research of my family name of Roughan/Rouhan . Any one out there researching same please contact me at thanking you.
Bronwyn Balfour,

Date: 20th October 2000
Your site is brilliant. Thanks very much for letting me visit such a  wonderful and fulfilling time. THANK YOU.
Jamie Tharby.

20th October 2000
I just visited your site and I love it. I live in Coos Bay, Oregon,  U.S.A. I have a great-grandmother, Mary Teresa Willoughby, who was born in County Clare. I am hoping to visit this ancestral home spot but may never be able to budget this trip so the visit to these pages has been wonderful.
Rhonda Gail (Hanley) Edwards,
Certified American Indian Lineage Specialist.

18th October 2000
Hello to everyone at the Clare site,
This was my first visit to your site and thanks to the Griffith Valuation and the Cencus records I was able to locate my grandfather's great-uncle. Your site is brilliant.
Thank you.
Madonna Fraser,
Brisbane, Australia.

Date: 11th October 2000
Thank you Clare Library for a wonderful and helpful site in my research.
Rob Carroll,

Date: 10th October 2000
I have gained so much information from this site and will visit Ireland for the first time in January.
Cathy Roth,
Victoria, Australia

Date: 10th October 2000
Love your interesting website, however after visiting your Clare Library in Ennis I must tell you of the friendly person who went out of her way to assist me in finding the information on Scattery Island in the 1901 census. My thanks to her for saving me time and making the experience very pleasant.
Hamburg, N.Y., U.S.A.

Date: 6th October 2000
Just got back from my annual visit to Ireland. Yes, I was in Clare finding relatives of my dad's. Your site is really a joy to visit. Congratulations! Of course, what else would we all expect from the wonderful people of Clare.
Philomena (Ni Tiobraide) Squier

Date: 29th September 2000
Just a short note to thank you so much for preparing the Clare index to the Griffith's Valuation. It is a marvelous help, just as the staff were when I visited Ireland last May. Thanks again.

Date: 25th September 2000
I just wanted to write and congratulate you on the wonderful computer service you offer at the Newmarket Library. It's a fantastic service for people like myself who happen to be visiting as well as for locals who want to work on their computer skills.  Irene was very helpful and kind when I came in to check my e-mail and write a few letters. It was great to see my old familiar America Online and work away there in a lovely peaceful setting.  My compliments to you on your staff and the computer services you offer at Newmarket Library!
Maura Mulligan,

Date: 19th September 2000
Hello! My mother is from Balard, Moher, Co. Clare . . . keep up the great work.
Aggie T,
New Brunswick, Canada.

Date: 18th September 2000
My father was from Finavarra, Via Burren Co Clare.  Your library resources are informative and wonderful.
Marie Ann St.John-(nee O'Rourke)
Colorado Springs, Colorado. USA.

Date: 18th Septmeber 2000
Hi, I just wanted to say I think your site is great. I have learnt so much about the county my Hallinan ancestors came from. The maps and history of Co. Clare are just fantastic. Thanks for providing such a great resource.
Melanie Hallinan
Perth, Western Australia

Date: 13th September 2000
Have been using your page for the first time. Thank you very much for all the information that you have provided. My grandfather was born in Ballyconnoe and some of the family still reside in the area and in Ennistymon and the surrounding area. Hope to go over for a visit one day but until then I will enjoy what you have put forth.
Vincent Davoren Boyle
San Rafael, Calif. U.S.A.

Date: 12th September 2000
Hi, I'm 10 and I think your kids books lists (promotions) are brilliant.
Virginia Wallace

Date: 10th September 2000
Your site is admirably succint - if only it could be repeated another 31 times! I found the 'rare' (to quote MacLysaght) West Clare name Kett and the name Dowd, both of Killonaghan civil parish, having had little previous luck. May your efforts prosper. Haere ra.
Michael Coyne,
Auckland, New Zealand.

Date: 9th September 2000
Thank you very much for the chance to investigate Griffiths Valuation. I found some information which I hope will prove helpful to me. So many times I click on things that look so promising only to be disappointed at the display. Clare county is really excellent. And your library is the greatest. Thank you very much.
Agnes McHugh.

8th September 2000
Dear Sir or Madam,
My main interest is in collecting material connected with the Connaught Rangers 88th & 94th Regts., from 1793 to 1922. I have possibly the largest and most comprehensive collection in private hands.
Pte. Halloran was WIA in the 2nd Battle of Ypres which commenced on 26/4/1915 when the Indian Division of which the 1st. Bn. the Connaught Rangers were part, commenced an attack from the outskirts of Ypres where now stands the CWGC cemetry at St.Julian, uphill towards Langemark. They were led by Col. Deacon who was later to come to notice during the Mutiny in India in 1920 when C.O. For an objective view of Deacon's gallantry and that of his men, I would recommend that anyone with an interest should read "With the Indians in France" by Merewether & Smith. This raises goose pimples on the back of my neck when I read it. I have walked the ground of the attack, and visited all of the local cemeteries. I am priviliged to be the custodian of medals to quite a number of officers and men who were present in that action. When the attacking force got within 60 yards of the German Front Line having braved very heavy machine gun fire they were assualted with MUSTARD GAS which had only been used by the Germans for the first time shortly before this battle. The men were totally unprepared and some died an agonising death on the spot. Others died many years later from the after effects. War is hell, and there were none braver that the Connaught Rangers, the like of Pte. Patrick Halloran.
I was delighted to see this Web Site dedicated to the memory of the brave men of Clare who laid down their lives in the Great War. It is indeed a wonderful and permanent memorial.
Coincidentally, my Grandfather, Joseph Hynes came from Tulla and his mother was a Halloran.
Kind Regards.
Peter Power-Hynes,

Date: 7th September 2000
Hello everyone in Clare. I am just visiting your library site for the first time. I am very pleased to have found the site and I am sure that there is going to be much for me to browse over in my search for members of my wife's family. Regards to all.
Greg Blackburn,
New Zealand.

Date: 26th August 2000
Good one! Well done. Very informative and interesting site. I was brought up in Ballynanty in the northern suburbs of Limerick so I got to know a lot of Clare at the south eastern end of the county.  I will visit again when I have more time.
Robert McLoughlin,

Date: 25th August 2000
Today I re-visited the Clare Library website and was pleasantly surprised at the new material being added to your site.
Keep up the good work and thanks again to your group of workers who have been so dedicated. The Clare Library has broken ground in the Genealogy Age with some wonderful information on the land of our ancestors, which helps us to understand our heritage.
Ruth Coomey Hakala,
Oceanside, CA, USA

Date: 20th August 2000
My wife, son and I will be in Ennis the first week in September.  This will be my first time out of the U.S.A.  I just found your website and am looking forward to further review.  Thank you for having this site on-line.
With much appreciation.
Edward J. Dunnagan,
Raleigh, NC, U.S.A.

Date: 19th August 2000
What a wonderful website at Clare County Library.  I have enjoyed visiting it and found it extremely interesting.  I have also visited the "actual" library on my few trips to Ennis.
Many thanks,
John P. Slattery

Date: 18th August 2000
I want to thank you for having such an informative site.  I wish that  I had found it long ago.  It has helped me in my search for the history of the family in County Clare.  A special thanks should go to Frances O'Gorman (Local Studies Centre) who has been most helpful in this quest.
I also wish to congratulate CLASP on publishing "The Antiquities of County Clare".  It makes for very fine reading and gives a good insight on all the locations in the County.
Once again, thank you.
Michael J. Killory,
Florida, U.S.A.

Date: 14th August 2000
I found your website to be one of the best that I have seen while trying to figure out the family tree.  Congratulations and keep up the great job.
Susanne Boyle Turcotte,
St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.

Date: 14th August 2000
What a wonderful website, thanks for all your hard work!
I have ancestors from both my mother's and father's side of the family from Clare.
LISDEEN, CO. CLARE   Kane or Keane and Kennedy
I noticed other messages from people mentioning the same towns and I would love to hear from them at  Thanks.
Ann Smith.

Date: 9th August 2000
Congratulations to the web manager of this site and all who have helped to make it very interesting and informative!
Margie Cusack,
Perth, Australia

Date: 9th August 2000
Each time I visit the Clare Co. Library site I am even more impressed. Well done.
Kathryn McCarthy,
California, U.S.A.

Date: 8th August 2000
What a tremendous website you have provided. Second only to spending the day in your library as I would wish to. My Clare ancestors Ellen Murrihy and James O'Brien who settled here in Kansas would be proud of you.
Catherine Green

Date: 6th August 2000
Hi, I'm living in Clare all my life and I've learned so much more about my town - Kilkee - and indeed about Clare itself.  Congratulations on such a brilliant web page.
Michelle Smyth
Lisdeen, Kilkee

Date: 26th July 2000
Our local newspaper Philadelphia daily news just did an article on Ennis - transformed by the Internet. It was a good article on Ennis and it opened up the world to just how great a community and town Ennis is. I had visited Ennis a couple of years ago and it's great to revisit the town via the Internet. Your web page is a job well done.

Date: 21st July 2000
Your website is fantastic! Thank you for the wonderful information. I found death notices for several relations in the Clare Champion. Thank you for your time.
Sheila Hofmann.

21st July 2000
Congratulations on a magnificent site. My mother was Markham from Ennistymon and my father was born at the old railway station in Corofin. I have an old picture of his father and some other railwaymen here. I visited the old station last time over. Anyway, congratulations once again.
Ray Sullivan,
Sydney, N.S.W., Australia.

Date: 12th July 2000
Dear colleagues,
In the most sincere form of flattery, we are stealing some of your wonderful web site ideas and transplanting them to Idaho.
Thank you.
Joe Reiss,
Post Falls (Idaho) Public Library  [ see]

Date: 6th July 2000
In late winter I e-mailed you requesting information on how to go about accessing my e-mail as we were going to be in Ireland for six weeks. You advised us to use the local libraries after first setting up an e-mail account.
Well, I want to tell you how wonderful the service was at the following libraries that were closest to Ballyvaughan where we stayed. The service we received at Ennis, Lisdoonvarna and Ennistymon was superb. Everyone involved at these libraries were wonderful. Their sense of outreach for the visitor was better than we have received anywhere else (including the library where
I work!). The librarians were welcoming, helpful and accommodating. I cannot praise them enough.
Clare has a wonderful system - I look forward to our return visit next spring.
Thanks so much -
Susan Larivey

Date: 3rd July 2000
Congratulations! What a great site! I have my mom's family back to 1140 and am just now starting my dad's and already I am back to my great grandfather in 1850s... can't believe there are that many Tubridy families in Clare.
Philomena (Ni Tiobraide) Squier

23rd June 2000
Thanks from California USA for the work and the Griffiths.

Date: 23rd June 2000
Thank you so much for the wealth of info. I have been able to find out so much about Tulla where my grandfather James Markham came from. My mother and I are going to Ireland in November, and now I am more excited then ever.
Lynn (Geany) Quinones
New Jersey, USA

Date: 16th June 2000
We thoroughly appreciate the continuing efforts of the Clare Library to provide online genealogical information. There are many of us in the States whose roots are in Co. Clare who are unable to get to Ireland as frequently as we'd like, and the online information is of great assistance in that it narrows things for to concentrate upon when we there for a limited two or three week period.
Philip Jordan

Date: 9th June 2000
Hello Erin!  I am seventeen years old and have been pouring through books trying to search for my Irish roots with very little information in posession.  The only relative I knew about was deemed Missing In Action during the Korean War, and I know nothing more.  I just visited this site for the first time and wanted to say that the Co. Clare Library has fitted me with more information on ancestors and their relatives than I have found anywhere else so far . . . thank you so much for having this library online . . .  it has been very helpful!
Thank you so much,
Erin Rose (Santos) Newton (Naughton),
Lodi, California, U.S.A.

Date: 5 June 2000
Many thanks for your help.  I've located the lands of my ancestors! (Griffith's Search).

Date: 29 May 2000
Thank you so much for Griffith's Valuation on line.  It has made my search much easier.  What hard work!
Barbara Heaton, (researching Kilmartin)
Renton, Wa., U.S.A.

Date: 27 May 2000
You guys have a great web site.  Easy to navigate and full of really good info. . . .
Joseph Hennessey.

Date: 21 May 2000
Hey, whoever is responsible for this site deserves a major pat on the back.  You've brought out what I think personifies new Clare . . .  happy to use the tools of the new to show the heart of the old.  Great stuff!  Well done, and keep going . . . there must (hopefully) be loads more to come.
John Lahiff (or Sean O'Flaitig, I believe!)

Date: 20 May 2000
Good morning.  From your excellent website, I think I have finally found where our Family lived in the past.  I am hoping to visit your country next year, with great anticipation. 
Thank you,
Mrs. Marilyn Gould,
Port Pirie, South Australia.

Date: 20 May 2000
I just found your website, but am thrilled that I did as I am doing genealogy research on my Tierney and Muqueeney families from Lickeen East, Kilfenora, Co. Clare.
A large group of my immediate family is gathering there this August and I will definitely make a stop to see your library.  Your site has been very informative and helpful.
Lila Levinson,
Santa Clare, California, U.S.A.

Date: 19 May 2000
What a wonderful site. It has found my ancestor roots and I will certainly be visiting Clare and Coonagh Island particularly as a direct result of the information you have provided. Thanks for the great work.
Denis Power,

Date: 18 May 2000
I am completely mesmerized by the incredible website. Indeed, a wealth of information and my sincere congratulations to all who established this wonderful source. Both my parents came from Co. Clare, Kilmurry-McMahon and Tubber. My great grandfather went to Tubber from Peterswell in Galway so I am now waiting for the Galway Library to do a website (in genealogy) as exciting as the Clare Library. Continued success to all of you.
Maureen Kelly O'Brien.

11 May 2000
Hi, My name is Anne McMahon and I am twelve years of age.  I just want to let you know that my school have entered the "Famous Men of Clare Competition" and while I was browsing through your website I found out all about Clare.  It's a fantastic website.   Keep up the good work.
Good Luck,
Cahera, Lisseycasey, Ennis, Co. Clare.

Date 10 May 2000
Dear Clare Library,
It was great to find your site and to see that you have copies of all of Tom Phelan's novels - and that four copies are on loan right now.
With Best Wishes,
Patricia Phelan (Tom's Wife),
N.Y., U.S.A.

Date: 6 May 2000
Thank you for such a wonderful service! I have found several references to my great-great-grandfather Andrew Gardiner, as well as fascinating glimpses of the history of Ennistymon - the next best thing to being able to visit there in person.
Isolde Kinns,

Date: 5 May 2000
I think your site is fascinating, with wonderful information on the History of Clare and especially about the reasons behind emigration and famine in Clare.
Thanking you,
Rosslyn Hamilton,
Clarinda, Victoria, Australis.

Date: 5 May 2000
Having recently visited your website, I can only say that it is fabulous - a wonderful research tool.  Fair dues to you.
Mike Conlon,
Summit, N.J., U.S.A.

Date: 5 May 2000
Hello!  My cousin in Kilkee, P.J. McCarthy, told me about this site yesterday and I just love it!  I've visited Ireland twice and love almost everything about the country. My grandmother was from Kilkee so I have a great interest in genealogy, history, etc. and this site is a great resource. Keep up the quality work!
Wendy Rath,
Chicago, IL, U.S.A.

Date: 4 May 2000
Super site . . . Well done!  It's a great job you have done on your website.   Very informative and well worth several return visits.  I shall visit Co. Clare soon again.
Many thanks,
Lurgan, Northern Ireland.

Date: 2 May 2000
Greetings from New Zealand. What an incredible website. Thank you for sharing the information gathered from so many sources especially such easy access to the Griffith's Valuation of County Clare and the Parish and Church Records. Although an Index to Griffith's is available on CD-ROM, full copies on microfiche and now on the new CD-ROMs held at our Auckland City Library, to have easy access through your site is a joy. The many hours work given so willingly by volunteers is appreciated.
Gwen Reiher,
Secretary Irish Interest Group NZSG, New Zealand.

Date: 30 April 2000
Re : Griffiths Index
Hello there, Many thanks for this - a great asset for me here in NZ. My Doolaghty/Delahunty research going rather well - and tonight a hit on the only Peter O'Connor in Co. Clare Griffiths has given me incentive to follow up on that line now I know the exact area! Keep up the wonderful work. I hope to revisit Ennis again!
Catherine Delahunty,
New Zealand.

Date: 30 April 2000
Sincere thanks to all for the outstanding information. Locating my great-grandfather's address from the Griffiths Valuation has brought a great deal of excitement and joy to many members of the family. Thank you again for making this trip to our past possible.
Cathy Roth,

Date: 29 April 2000
To all in Clare County Library Service:
We have enjoyed visiting your brilliant site. Well done.
Mary, Benny and Kathleen,
Castlecomer Branch Library, Co. Kilkenny.

Date: 29 April 2000
Absolutely fantastic. Congratulations on the production of a great resource for exiled "claremen and women".
Pat McGrath,

Date: 29 April 2000
Hello, Thank you so much for the online list of individuals listed in Griffith's Valuation. It really makes it much easier than laboriously copying these details from microfiche. I know that work went into setting up this long, long list. Thank you again.
Mary Ann Mooney,
(Costello from Co. Clare)

Date: 26 April 2000
Thank you for a great website with lots of genealogy info.  Keep up the good work.   It's appreciated.

Date: 26 April 2000
I have browsed and used your site and I am so pleased that so much more has been added since last I looked (and I did not think it was so long ago).
Heather Brain,

Date: 25 April 2000
Re: Griffith's Valuation
To the wonderful friends at Clare Library, THANK YOU for all your work.
Jean M. Bruce.

Date: 18 April 2000
Hello from Alexandria, VA, USA. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your website.   My Grandmother's father, James Halpin, came from Kilkee, Co. Clare, Ireland to Pompey/Syracuse, New York back in the 1880's.  This website is the next best thing to actually being there in person.  So much information in one website.  Thank you for creating it.
Scott Dwinelle,
Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A.

Date: 11 April 2000
I've vistited your site numerous times over the past year and find something new almost every time.  Your information on parishes, villages and baronies at the mid-19th century is of great assistance in understanding the county as it was when my ancestors emigrated.  My thanks for your work is overdue.
Bill O'Hare,

Date: 9 April 2000
What an excellent site.  You have some of my favourite mystery writers on this site and give short, but detailed biographies of these authors which are very good.
Keep it going,

Date: 9 April 2000
Thanks for putting so much genealogical information on the web!  I think I found my great-great grandfather (James Hallinan) in the Griffith's Valuation and I may have found some other relatives as well (Guinane).  The information on the townlands and districts is great and the format is easy to use.  Great job!
Mary P. Hallinan,
Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Date: 28 March 2000
Congratulations on a truly wonderful site!  Thrilled to see Griffith's Valuation and other information of interest to genealogists.  Well done.  Keep up the good work.  I have linked to your site and thank you for allowing this too.
Kathryn McCarthy

Date: 27 March 2000
I just visited your website for the first time and I think it's very well done.  Not only was there a lot of useful information, but the site itself is user-friendly and very easy to get around.  Thanks for a wonderful site.
Molly Murnane

Date: 27 March 2000
My Great Grandmother, Margaret Carmody, lived in the Townland of Carroweroe.  I have visited the Heritage Center and had them do research for me.  I am sorry I did not visit your library on our visit in 1998.
I am greatly impressed with this web site.
Robert Byrnes Jones,
Florida, USA.

Date: 26 March 2000
First of all, I would like to commend you and your staff for putting the Co. Clare Griffith's Valuation on line for all the Irish folks around the world to search.  It is "WONDERFUL".  I certainly hope other good things will follow.
Ruth Coomey Hakala

Date: 25 March 2000
I just found your wonderful website! I have visited Ireland twice, my grandmother was born there.  I have been there on St. Partick's Day.  I won a trip to Paris and because of it I was able to get back to Ireland.  I am from the Phoenix, Arizona area (Ennis' sister city).  Keep up the great work.

Date: 22 March 2000
Your site is listed in this month's Irish Culture Newsletter under the Free and Fun Stuff.   It is listed because you have a wonderful Website which I believe will be of great interest to my subscribers.  I just wanted to let you know that your work is appreciated.  The following is your entry.
Clare County Library
If your Irish roots lead you to County Clare, your'e in luck.  Lots of information about genealogy is listed here including the Griffith's Land Valuations.   The history section is very interesting, whether you're from Clare or not.
Christina Coruth
Editor, Irish Culture News.

Date: 20 March 2000
County Clare Library site is excellent.  I am going to Clare for the 4th time this May and have not visited the library as of now, but intend to do so this trip.  My ancestors left Clare in 1833.  I have never been able to find any trace of them so far, but I keep looking.  Thanks again for a great site.
Tom Mulhaney,
Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA.

Date: 8 March 2000
Congratulations Clare County Library on an excellent job of publicity for the Banner County.  Your Griffith's Valuation and Parish information has been of invaluable help to our Irish Ancestry Group (Genealogical Society of Victoria) here in Melbourne, Australia.
Pauline McIntyre.

5 March 2000
Hello Clare County Library.  We are researching our Irish ancestry and have found your brilliant website.  It has been invaluable to us, particularly the Griffiths Valuation.  Both sets of grandparents originated from County Clare and we have found mention of both of their families.  We can barely tear ourselves away! Thanks a lot!
Kath Thompson and Anne Bailey,
Wigan, Lancs, England.

Date: 26 February 2000
Enjoyed your website.  Very well done.  Hope to visit Co. Clare in the near future.  Keep up the good work.
Oliver Goettee,
Atlanta, GA, USA.

Date: 21 February 2000
My first and certainly not last visit to your wonderful web site. I am especially grateful for the map of parishes. I look forward to visiting the library this September.
Ruth in Hamburg, New York, USA.

Date: 21 February 2000
What a delight to find your website while listening to Clare FM here in the states. I have a lot of family in Tulla and O'Callaghan Mills and other parts and I am thrilled by your site. I have lots of work to do. Good Luck.

Date: 15 February 2000
What a wonderful site! You have a wonderful, user friendly and well organized web site. Thanks so much.
Susan K. Larivey
New York State, U.S.A.

Date: 8 February 2000
I have only now found your website and as the son of a Kilkee father I intend to get much use of it.
Connie Skeahan
Long Island, New York

Date: 8 February 2000
Congratulations on your wonderful website. Hope more libraries follow your lead. I found you site while researching family history. Keep up the good work.
Best wishes from Sydney, Australia,
Maureen Cleary

Date: 6 February 2000
To the Staff at The Clare Library,
Thank you for going to the trouble of putting Griffith's Valuation on your web site. It is a wonderful resource to be able to have access to from your own home, especially when that home is so far from the primary source.
Congratulations on contributing so positively to world genealogy. I hope other counties follow your great example.
Judy Smith
South Australia

Date: 5 February 2000
Thanks Clare for this great site, could have found long lost relatives for my wife . . . Keep it up, thanks.
James Fraser

Date: 5 February 2000
Thank you for putting Griffith's Valuation on the internet . . . Have found what I have been looking for . . .
Ann Boyle Louisiana, USA

Date: 3 February 2000
Thanks so much for putting the Griffiths Valuation on line. It has been so helpful, and so much easier to access than the books which I had used previously at our local Genealogy society. I might add that I did not know what I was looking for either, and having the thing organised alphabetically has assisted enormously.
Heather Brain

Date: 16 January 2000
Making Griffith's Valuation available on line is fantastic. Thank you for the time and effort.

Date: 14 January 2000
I would just like to say thank you VERY much for all your hard work in putting Griffiths on the web. I've already found several of my Crowleys!!
Best wishes,
Miriam in London

Date: 13 January 2000
Thanks so much for making the Griffiths entries part of your website. It is a wonderful resource for so many of us. I understand genealogy is not such a popular thing in Ireland, but here in the USA we are all wild to find out what we can about our Irish ancestors. Thanks so much for making it easier.
Eleanor O'Connell-Earley
Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

Date: 12 January 2000
This is my first time visiting your site. I will come again as I have a great many ancestors from Ireland
Thank you for helping a newbie.
Gayle Wharley

Date: 12 January 2000
What a wonderful site! I've found our surname on several different pages while browsing! The history info is great. Thanks to all who made this possible.
Bernice Hassett

Date: 11 January 2000
I just found your site - it is very helpful. My father's family was from Clare and it was wonderful to find familiar information. I know I'll be back to search many times.
Michelle McNamara Smith
Illinois, USA

Date: 11 January 2000
Dear Clare Librarians,
Your web page is just wondrous! I've been on it for hours and still can't peel myself off. My grandfather, James Patrick StLedger, was born in O'Callaghan's Mills and emigrated to Australia round about 1860. My family and I have travelled to Co. Clare (including O'C Mills, naturally) several times and just visiting your site makes me feel quite 'homesick'!
Keep up the great work.
Jan Payne

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