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Visitor's Book
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Visitor's Book 2001

Date: 29th December 2001
Dear Clarelibrary,
Your site is great, keep up the good work. Thanks to you all for a "task well done".
George Doyle,
Fairfield Ct., U.S.A.

28th December 2001
Thank you for your work in making historic records available. It has helped me living in Canada and my relatives in New Zealand to search for Catherine Crowe born in Ruan in 1837.
Thank you.
Kathy Speedie,

Date: 19th December 2001
Many thanks for a very in depth site which is easily the best library site in Ireland.
Best wishes,
Sean Quinn.

17th December 2001
My father came from Creevagh, Co. Clare and because of my background, I frequently refer to your website, and it is a treasure. You deserve all the congratulations that might be sent your way.
Peter T. Sexton,
Sacramento, CA.

Date: 14th December 2001
Congratulations and many thanks on having the best library site in Ireland. Your pages on the workhouses are a mine of background information with which I have been able to do serious research.
Again many thanks,
Sean Quinn,

Date: 11th December 2001
Dear Clare Library staff,
First of all, congratulations on your superb site! It is incredible to see just how much information it contains. It will take me many visits to just scratch the surface. God bless you all, and best wishes for your future work. I hope to be able to visit you next year.
Mary Ann Ashcroft,
San Luis Obispo, California, U.S.A.

Date: 9th December 2001
I would just like thank you for the use of your website facilities it is helping me to find more about my family.
Patrick E. Hassett.

Date: 5th December 2001
On behalf of everyone from Alston Moor, Cumbria who visited your wonderful library on Friday, 30th November, as part of the Ennis Information Age Town Open Day, we would like to say a very big Thank You.
Alston Moor Parish Council,
Cumbria, England

Date: 3rd December 2001
May I congratulate you on an excellent website. It is going to be very helpful to me.
Barry Strong,
17 Turner Street, East Malvern
Victoria 3145, Australia

Date: 30th November 2001
What an excellent web site. There is such a wealth of information, that I will need to visit it many times to be able to absorb it all. It makes very good preparation for a holiday visit.
Thank you.
Sheila Monaghan

Date: 26th November 2001
I enjoyed your excellent article on John P. Holland. His second submarine the Fenian Ram was on display at in my home town's Westside Park for many years and is now in the Paterson Museum.
Howard West,
Corpus Christi, TX

Date: 25th November 2001
Hello Clare Library,
Just to say thanks for all your hard work. I came from Galway to look at the census of 1901and found my Clare relations. It is well worth a visit for anyone researching their family tree. The staff were very helpful. Keep up the good work.
Anne Tierney,

Date: 23rd November 2001
Congratulations on your wonderful website, very informative and helpful. Well done.
Eddie Plummer,
Windsor, U.K.

Date: 22nd November 2001
I just wanted to say what a great job you are doing on the 1901 County Clare Census... A brilliant site appreciated by many.
Maureen Shepherd.

Date: 19th November 2001
What an excellent, exceptional site. I received the address from my cousin Marie Ellen Maloney, who lives in Oklahoma City, OK, USA, who found your site while researching her ancestors. She has found many of them. I really enjoyed surfing your site, and have bookmarked it for research for my wife, whose family are from Ireland.  We will be back.
Thank You.
Donald B. Jeakins
Fallon, Nevada.

Date: 19th November 2001
I thoroughly enjoyed my browse in your site, in particular to my native place, Mountshannon.
Well done.
Una Burns,

Date: 19th November 2001
Thanks from Somerville, Victoria, Australia. A wonderful website that has proved invaluable for my relative research (Flanagans, Lynch & Cusacks from Kilshanny). You can reach me on  
C. Corry,
Victoria, Australia.

Date: 31st October 2001
Thank you for your time.  I will put you on my list for future reference.
John Francis Flahive

Date: 24th October 2001
Dear staff,
Ka pai rawa (well done indeed). I am a long lost cousin of many Dalys in County Clare. One day I will have enough dosh to visit and shout all you Wonderful Librarians a wine or two.
Gabrielle Daly-Fong
Aotearoa, New Zealand

Date: 23rd October 2001
I stumbled across your site in my search for my Grandfather, Morgan Whelan, and it looks as if I've found him and his family in your 1901 Census! Your site is beautifully produced and a pleasure to read. I'll be coming back often. Thanks again.
Frances (Whelan) Webb
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Date: 12th October 2001
Thank you for a wonderful resource for learning about my family history.  My Great G grandparents, James and Alice Gerraghty, left Kilfenora in 1850, to settle in Australia, but did not pass on any information about the life they left behind. Thank you for this opportunity. I have much more reading to do.
Morna Sinclair

Date: 9th October 2001
What a wonderful site! I am envious - am searching Galway and Mayo and decided to check out your site.

Date: 4th October 2001
Hello, I have discovered your web page. It is helpful. My dad's mom is from Ennistymon (Katie McNamara) and my dad's dad is from
Miltown Malbay (Peter Maloney). I shall use your site to find out about my Clare heritage and people.
Peter Paul Maloney.

Date: 4th October 2001
Congratulations on a fine site.  I am following through on my Grandfathers family from Kilmouran, Ennis and find your database great.
Brian Daly
Queensland, Australia

Date: 3rd October 2001
This is a terrific website. Congratulations to everyone who put it together. I will be back, probably many times. Best wishes.
Ontario, Canada.

1st October 2001
Great job on this website, excellent genealogical material. Keep up the great job....and THANKS.
Shirley McNaughton,
WI, U.S.A.

Date: 28th September 2001
Well done on your work on soldiers of the First World War. Irish people forget the price paid by Irish men in the great war. My own grandfathers went to war: one with the Munster's (he survived), the other with the Royal Irish Regiment (he died). My family come from Newmarket-on-Fergus and my grandfather Jack Duggan was living at what was called The Dardenells. I now live in London. I wish Ireland and its people would reconise what Irish men did in the Great War. We must never forget them ......thanks
R O'Halloran,

28th September 2001
We were using your website to look at the scupture trail. The sculture trail was fantastic and we will be doing the trail on friday with our teacher Mrs. Lynch. Our school is Bunscoil na mBráithre Críostaí, Inis or Ennis CBS.
3rd class.

11th September 2001
Thanks so much for putting such excellent genealogical material on your site...
Michael Kelly,

11th September 2001
Dear Clare Library Historians,
I have found your web site to be so helpful in finding some information regarding my Great Great Great Grandparents. Robert Hewitt and Jane Gore from Clare Granhannan County Quinn I think. I am still looking for where they died or emigrated to Australia where their son is buried in Camperdown Victoria Australia. I am a direct descendant of them and was so pleased to find this site on
the net as when I was in Ireland in 1978 I had no luck in tracking down any information. God Bless your work.
Ann Barfoot (Nee Hewitt),
Geelong Victoria Australia.

Date: 3rd September 2001
Hello from Northridge,California.
My mom was born in Lisdriff, Tulla, in 1901. I am now helping the new ones in our family with information. This site is wonderful. Regards,
Mary Migal (Hogan) (Walsh).

Date: 31st August 2001
Thank you so much for a great site. I have been able to locate lots of info regarding my forebears, Hogans of Kilfenora...
Anne Washington (nee Hogan),

Date: 30th August 2001
While on holidays in Ballyvaughan recently I learned of you Website. I was born in Kilrush (Moyarta) and have found a lot of fascinating information about my native barony, people and saints. I still have a lot of browsing to do in your Site.
Thanking you.
Michael Clancy,
Co. Meath.

Date: 21st August 2001
Congratulations to all, I found my great grandfather from Ennis and his family listed on the 1901 census. This is a truly wonderful site to explore, I am also reading and learning about the place from where the family came from. I will be visiting some time in the near future.
Yours truly,
Jan Benson,
Perth, Western Australia.

Date: 21st August 2001
Dear Clare Library,
I just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent website. Thank you to all of you who have obviously worked so hard to supply the much needed information to us genealogists. I found my Torpey family in the Townland of Turnpike road, Ennis in the 1901 census. I cannot tell you how happy I was at finding this information. I promote your site whenever I get the chance. Thank you once again. Slainte.
Josie Brown

Date: 21st August 2001
My father was adopted in London in 1915. He never found his mother Kathleen Russell of Ballyvaughan. Through your website and records in the births deaths and marriages I believe that her relations may be still in Clare although not in Ballvaughan. If any of your subscribers are Russells old enough to remember family histories, maybe they could contact me Patricia Kathleen nee Russell ( Although my father emigrated after the 2nd WW, and we grew up in Australia, I have returned to Ireland to discover something of my heritage. We are living in Dublin but I have a job which brings me to the west often . I hope you can find some "unfinished business". Grateful for any help or suggestions.
Patricia Devlin nee Russell,

Date: 17th August 2001
"What a Wonderful Web site!"
We are 2 weeks away from our first trip to Ireland, on which our first stop will be Ballyvaughan. Your Web site is simply one of the best I've found. Family tradition has it that some of my ancestors emigrated from County Clare. That's my next project. Please don't let your Web site fade away.
Hal Hager,
Somerville, NJ USA

Date: 7th August 2001
I should have known you'd have a truly outstanding website, having  visited your fabulous branch in Sixmilebridge. The  library was so bright and cheery, and the staff couldn't have been more gracious and helpful to this jet-lagged Yank.
All the best!
Maura Hilburn,
Rockville, MD. USA

Date: 30th July 2001
I love your website. Congratulations on a wonderful presentation. I found my great-great grandfather in Griffiths land valuation. James Noonan in Teermaclane. We visited Clare in October 2000 and found Teermaclane.  I wish I had come to your library. Maybe next time.
Many thanks and God bless.
Dorothy Smith,
Greenville, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Date: 26th July 2001
What a magnificent palce to explore. Your site is truly a treasure trove. Congratulations. I look forward to spending many more
hours exploring your site as researching  my forebears has led me to Clare. They left your shore in 1838.
Christine Unett,

Date: 26th July 2001
I was sent your URL by a friend and it is now a top favourite of mine - took about 2 minutes to make it so. I have a relative in Ruan
and my wife is a descendent of Scales from Corofin (Clifden). We visited briefly in 1999 - reading your site brings back great memories and the genealogy content is beyond comparison. Keep up the excellent work.
David and Cheryl Leslie
Innisfail, Far North Queensland, Australia

Date: 24th July 2001
Great site, I know more about Kilrush now than when I lived there. Keep it up.
J C Rowe,

Date: 23rd July 2001
Many thanks for such a prompt and efficient service. Clare Library stands as a beacon for others to emulate. The Internet site is clear well organized and informative.
Go mbeannai Dia duit.
Rod Warnock

Date: 23rd July 2001
Truely a brilliant site for anyone interested in the history of the 'Banner County'. My congratulations. I hope that you will extend the
range of local history material you have begun to make available here.  If any other county has anything like this kind of coverage of it's history please e-mail me!
Phillipa Reid

Date: 9th July 2001
What a find!  A fellow seeker told me about this site and how good it was. Truly I have not found a genealogy site that was so user friendly...
Ronald Ranson,

3rd July 2001
Hi, just had to compliment and commend you on what a wonderful website you have gotten together. I have spent a lot of time on it, and I do appreciate all your time and effort. Please continue!! (I'll let you know how I well I do with the information I'm getting).
Joan Cavanagh.

Date: 2nd July 2001
Congratulations on a very interesting and well organised site.
Tony Walsh,

28th June 2001
I wish to congratulate you all who work so hard to keep this wonderful information flowing on to all of us who are so interested in our family ancestry, and I have found some useful info from the Griffiths valuation, 1855. Keep up the good work, and hope to find more on Bushells from Kilfenora, Ennistimon.
Kind Regards.
Kim Thomson.

27th June 2001
Very nice! Lots of good information. Easy to navigate. My wife is a reference librarian for the State of Kansas. We visited County Clare last year at this time. Bought a great Clare hurling jersey. Everybody wants one over here! Hope the team did well this year. Up the Banner!
Mark Roupe,
Topeka, Kansas

Date: 12th June 2001
I have read just about everything on your website.  If there were an international award for websites as far as content, ease of use etc etc your site woud have to be in the top ten of everything. If the biggies of the world ever discover your website group, they will be knocking on your door for the talent...
Connie Conway Dankesreiter,
Ft Worth, TX, U.S.A.

Date: 2nd June 2001
I am looking for a Kerin ancestor and was given your Web site ... its great ... I didn't find a reference to the name but really enjoyed
browsing around and learnt quite a lot about County Clare and even learnt some new information related to Australia which is steeped in Irish descendents. I know of somebody in Australia by almost every family name I found in the Kilrush Union Evictions of 1849 ... I now understand why the Irish settlers were so angry!
Thank you & best wishes
Trent Niemann,

Date: 31st May 2001
First of all thank you so much to whoever is responsible for all the genealogical information you are providing on this site. I cannot
believe you are putting the 1901 census on line for Clare. It is a real achievement.
Miriam Geraghty,

Date: 26th May 2001
My great great great grandparents left Killaloe in 1849 for Australia, as a young couple with a baby. He was a Skehan from Obriens Bridge, and she was a Barry from Killaloe. They lived for many years in that antipodean Clare stronghold, Kilmore in Victoria, where I still have Skehan relatives. Although I have read the local history of Killaloe during the Famine, nothing has given me such a sense of the place as the wonderful historical information on your site. A fantastic resource which I'll be using again and again. It was a particular pleasure to be able to show my 80 year old mother a photograph of the place where her mother's family originated.
Thanks again,
Linda Gregor,
Narrandera, NSW Australia

Date: 21st May 2001
Top website, congrats to all.
Jim Dunne

Date: 18th May 2001
I'm writing from Slovenia and must congratulate you on a highly useful web site. Keep on with the good work!
Respectfuly yours,
Bostjan Vrecar,
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date: 12th May 2001
I have already sent my messages of appreciation concerning your wonderful invaluable service to the world really.  Truthfully , I cannot say enough good things about your website, thank you for all the good work. My sincere best wishes to all at the library.
Maureen Kelly O'Brien

Date: 12th May 2001
What a great site, Congratulations on all your work. I have just read alot of history on Ballyvaughan which I found very interesting, as I am researching the McGann's who may have come from there.  Keep up the good work.
Lorraine Anderton
Mosgiel, New Zealand.

Date: 10th May 2001
What a wonderful job the CLASP team is doing on the 1901 Census, they should be congratulated.
Barry O'Shea,
Canberra Australia

Date: 4th May 2001
This is the first time that I have used your web site and have found it very informative to anyone following their family history. Congratulations on your site.
Danny Moloney,

27th April 2001
Your Web site is an inspiration to me, and invaluable...
John Simpson,

23rd April 2001
You have done a wonderful job with your web site especially in regards to the history and heritage sections...
John Flynn,
Chicago, IL, USA.

19th April 2001
Have just discovered the site. I have relations living in Moymore (my Grandmother's family). But for some time have been trying to track down my Grandfather's history (John Burke, who sailed on the "Aurelia") before he immigrated to Australia. This will be a wonderful help. Also getting a sense of County Clare - past and present is excellent.
Mary Murray,

18th April 2001
I had given up all hope of ever finding our family name, anywhere, until I came across your web site. I have found the name in Ohio, but we have been unable to find the connection between our families. The only other contact I have had with someone that knew of our family was when I was flying to Korea. We were being checked in by an Aer Lingus staff and when the woman read my passport she said she had grown up with a family by the same name in county Clare. Thank you for helping me find what I have been looking for, a link to our family's past. Emails from anyone sharing knowledge of this name are welcome to the address listed below.
Maureen Shaloo,

17th April 2001
My hat goes off to the entire staff of the Clare Library. Your web site is easy to navigate and very comprehensive. My family has deep roots in County Clare and you have made my research so much easier. I would specially like to thank Maureen Comber who was so very helpful in providing some needed information. You provide a wonderful service and I cannot thank you enough.
Jim O'Brien,
Chadds Ford, PA

17th April 2001
This is an outstanding website. It provided an answer to the question of my great-great grandmother's home parish. She (Margret Ryan) is buried in a church yard cemetary in rural north-eastern Iowa. The inscription on her weathered tombstone  says "Died 1881 Age 95 Years, Native of County Clare, Parish of Glen_____." The last several letters are unreadable. Your website listing of parishes provides the only possible match - that being Gleninagh. Thanks.
Patrick Ryan,
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Date: 15th April 2001
Dear Library,
You are indeed a model and a measure to which all other public service institutions should aspire! The Griffith's Valuation was a tremendous help, and now the 1901 Census! I cannot wait until you reach DED 97. Brilliant is a word that has been utilized repeatedly in describing your services, and I absolutely agree that Clare Library has created a luminous presence on the Web. Thank you! Sláinte.
Judith Meskill,
Northern California, USA

12th April 2001
Keep up the great work. Your site is the best and the friendliest too.
Bill Donahoe Edison

6th April 2001
There are no words to describe how thrilled I was to find that you've started extracting the 1901 Census records!!
I CANNOT believe what a great web site you have!! You're so wonderful to do this!! ... Thank you thank you thank you a billion times over!!
Liz Haren

Date: 6th April 2001
Dear Clare Library,
My grandfather emigrated from Ogonelloe to NZ in 1883. Your site is a marvellous source and I thank all your staff who are busy providing the 1901 Census data. I look forward to the final results and unexpected discoveries.
In appreciation
Kevin McKenna,
New Zealand.

Date: 6th April 2001
You've done a wonderful job on your site. I especially like and have used the genealogy section, but plan to come back soon and have a look at the rest. My husband's Hogan family is from the Miltown Malbay area.
Gerry Hogan
Northern California, USA

Date: 6th April 2001
Thank you taking the time and effort to put Griffiths Valuation on the web, it has been a godsend to us genealogists!!!
Many many thanks,
Mary Ballantyne.

Date: 4th April 2001
Please accept my thanks for the information in the genealogy section. I am so impressed that this has been put on line so that people in Ireland and those whose ancestral families came from Ireland can access this data.
W. Gaffney

Date: 3rd April 2001
A wonderful piece of work which should be most helpful to family researchers. I'll be back!
Al O'Brien

Date: 2nd April 2001
Dear Friends,
I wanted to send along a note of appreciation for all the information you've put on line, particularly the very recent reports and returns relating to evictions in the Kilrush Union. I'm very interested in tracking down the County Clare roots of my Boyle family, and although I don't yet have the "smoking gun," the clues so far seem to point toward the Quilty/Seafield/Tromra area of Kilmurry Ibrickane parish. So it's been great to see all the information about that area.
One of the listings for evictions in the townland of "Fromowe" {no doubt Tromra) even lists a Michael Boyle who, along with three other family members, was evicted from his acre plot sometime around 1847. Considering that my great-grandfather Michael Boyle left Ireland for the States in 1847 at the age of 27, this makes for an intriguing story ... even if there's no direct way of knowing whether this family was absolutely the same family. I'll look forward to anything further that you are able to share with the world concerning the people who had to go through the ordeal of the Famine and how they lived, particularly in this corner of West Clare. Thanks again.
Alan Boyle,
Seattle, U.S.A.

Date: 2nd April 2001
For those of us who live abroad it is of great help to have such an informative web page.
Byron Marshall,
Minneapolis, USA

Date: 1st April 2001
Thank you for your very informative site. My Costellos came from Co.Clare and I can see quite a few hours being spent browsing this site.
Patricia Brunker

Date: 31st March 2001
Great!  I've been doing family tree research for some time, and delighted to find your site. It is absolutely fantastic.
Oliver Leamy,
Macroom, County Cork.

Date: 29th March 2001
Your site is wonderful.
J. Lopes

Date: 22nd March 2001
Found this to be a very attractive website, well set out and informative. Congratulations, it is certainly one of the best sites I have seen.
Thais Hardman,
Melbourne, Australia.

22nd March 2001
Your website is wonderful! I have learned so much about my ancestor's home from this "wealth" of information. I have just recently learned my came to the U.S. in 1849 from Ennis with their five children!
Fran O'Brien Greve,
Bryan, Texas, USA.

14th March 2001
From its inception this has been a wonderful website. I recommend it to all family historians who have Co. Clare connections. Congratulations and thank you.
Denyse Bonney,
Townsville, Queensland.

Date: 13th March 2001
Your website is not only informative, it's very well organized. I've been on many an Irish website and yours is definitely the cream of the crop.
Stephen J. McInerny,

13th March 2001
We offer our congratulations on the quality of your site.We visited Clare in 1996 (Tiermaclaine, Drumquin in particular) and Coney Island and would have greatly benefitted if we had known of the range of data available at that time.
John & Margaret Leyden,
Ringwood Australia

Date: 13th March 2001
After visiting your wonderful web page, I had to take this opportunity to say 'Thank you'. My parents came from Kilkee. I hope to visit someday, God willing!
Kathleen (Behan) Allende
Montauk, Long Island, U.S.A.

Date: 12th March 2001
Your site is truly wonderful. I've been in Ennis twice in the last two years and have failed to make it into the library, obviously a major oversight. Reviewing your publications on-line was an absolute delight... I hope to be in Clare in either April or September and to see your facility in person.
Stephen J. McInerny
Minneapolis, Minnnesota, USA

Date: 12th March 2001
Thanks for a great site, keep up the good work. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who may be able to help me with my research into the O'Neill family from the Sixmilebridge area. Also McNamara's from Knocknalappa/Rossroe. Please contact me at  if you think you might be able to assist. Best wishes.
Mick O'Neill
Perth, Western Australia

Date: 12th March 2001
Enjoyed your site. Thank you.
John Harhen

Date: 12th March 2001
Hello Clare Library
... I must say that your web site is absolutely brilliant. It has to be the best Irish web site for Genealogical Research. I belong to the Irish Interest Group of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists and we are constantly recommending it to people researching their Clare heritage or using it to do research on their behalf (we are a non profit organisation - it's all done for love!)...
Thank you.
Christine Mills
Auckland, New Zealand

3rd February 2001
To all the wonderful people who have put the information on this website, THANK YOU. I was in your beautiful country last year for all too short a visit. The warmth and hospitality were wonderful. Thank you once again for your assistance in researching my granddaughter's heritage.
Anne Close
Victoria, Australia

Date: 21st January 2001
Dear Library,  I am really enjoying your website. I lived in Sixmilebridge for 19 years and most of my family, the O'Sullivans, still live there. I am looking forward to visiting in person the new Sixmilebridge library next year. Thanks for a great job.
Teresa Glover,
Toronto, Canada

Date: 19th January 2001
Thanks for a really enjoyable read! My mother is from Ennistymon and I have spent many happy holidays there. It was great to read all about it as I can't get back as often as I would like. I would just like to take this opportunity to say hello to my cousins Liam and Ciara McMahon Knockbrack, Ennistymon and I hope to see you soon.
Cara Wynne,

Date: 16th January 2001
Hello Clare Library I am so excited, I have just received an e-mail from my sister Sheila, sending me your site. She found listed both my grandparents John and Hannah Ryan of 45 Connolly Villas, Ennis (my aunt Teresa Ryan still lives at this address), also my father Michael Ryan, Ennis (South Wales) who died 13 December 1972 in South Wales.  Please keep up the wonderful work.
Yours truly,
Clare Mostajir (nee Ryan)

Date: 8th January 2001
A truly fabulous site which has saved me much time in family history research. The biographical information from the Clare Champion is extremely useful. Thanks for a great job.
Roger A. Fleischman, M.D., Ph.D.

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