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Visitor's Book 2003

Date: 30th December 2003
Dear Maureen [Comber],
Just a belated note to thank you and all at Clare Library for the reception you gave to the Australian Genealogists' 7th Tour of Ireland participants at the Clare library back in September. The visit was much appreciated by everyone and they learnt a great deal. It is most important, in my view, that the Australians realise that such a lot of good work is being done 'down the country' so to speak and that doing their family history in Clare can be much more exciting than sitting in an archive in Dublin! Perry McIntyre and I would hope to continue these tours - this was the Society's 7th such tour since their inception in 1984 - until we reach walking frame stage! We would certainly want to include Clare Library in upcoming itineraries so once again, many thanks. My congratulations, yet again, on your website. It is quite the best in Ireland and I hope the powers that be in the county administration have the good sense to let you proceed to even bigger and better things.
Best wishes for 2004.
Richard (Reid)
Co-tour leader
Society of Australian Genealogists 7th Tour of Ireland 2003

Date: 23rd December 2003
Fantastic website, including the snow flakes. The Famous Clare People section is especially interesting. The site is definitely one of those sites one wishes to visit again and again.
Donal Crowley.

Date: 23rd December 2003
My name is Robert Normoyle and I am interested in tracing my grandfather's history and have little to go on. I am trying to collect any information still remaining that can be gathered by talking to relatives in the New York area. His name was Michael Normoyle, I believe he came from County Clare and moved to New York City, U.S.A. sometime around the turn of the 20th century [1890-1900] maybe even a little earlier. Michael married a German lady named Amanda Faust and they had a daughter and 4 sons. The daughter died at a very early age and the sons names were Lawrence, Joseph, James and Herman. I hope to gain more specific information in the future but would appreciate any information on data I should collect or records that exist in Ireland that may aid my very shaky start to trace my families history.
Thank you.
Robert Normoyle.

Date: 3rd December 2003
To whom it may concern:
My name is Spencer Maguire, and I live in Kansas, USA. I stumbled upon your site while doing an internet search, and I am very impressed, particularly with the geneological information. I looked through your registers and the other stuff for information about my grandmother's family, but could not find anything at all. My grandmother was Bridget (Delia) Vincent McGuire, and she lived in Ennistymon from her birth November 2, 1888, until she moved to America. Her parents were Owen McGuire and Catherine (Claire) McGuire. I thought that I would be able to find some information on your website, but I could find no mention of them. Can you point me in the right direction as to how to find out more about my family? I loved learning about Ennistymon from your website, and I would love to find any information about my family, and maybe trace it back further. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Spencer Maguire
Kansas, USA

[Dear Spencer,
Thank you for your e-mail to Clare County Library enquiring about your grandmother's family the McGuires of Ennistymon. You will find your ancestors (including your grandmother) listed on the 1901 census at Old Church Hill, Ennistymon at the following link:
If you wish to receive a hard-copy print-out of their 1901 census return, please e-mail me your full postal address. I have checked the 1911 census returns for Old Church Street, Ennistymon, and there is no
McGuire (or Maguire) family listed there in 1911. Moving back forty-six years in time, you might like to look at the entries for McGuire / Maguire on Griffith's Valuation (1855), also posted on our website. I note a Thomas (Owen) Maguire in the townland of Feagreen in 1855 (Feagreen is approx. three or four miles south, south-east of Ennistymon):;
and an Owen McGuire in the townland of Cahircalla More (which is adjacent to Ennis):
Of these two, I would suspect the former is most likely to be an ancestor, possibly your great-great-grandfather (assuming the forename Owen comes down the male line in your family). I can also send you a
photocopy of the entries from Griffith's Valuation if you wish. Finally, you may wish to obtain a copy of your grandmother's birth certificate if you have not already got a copy. You can order a copy from the General Register Office in Dublin,
With best wishes,
Peter Beirne,
Clare County Library.]

Date: 3rd December 2003
I recently came across your web site, I want to thank you for the information that is available. Could you please tell me when the rest of the 1901 census will be available on line. I am interested in KILRUSH and surrounding area. My great grandmother (Elizabeth MCINERNEY) and her family came from there. Thank you again.
Kevin McGowan.

[Hi Kevin,
We have just finished Kilrush Rural and Urban DEDs and should have them uploaded by next week.
Glad you enjoyed the site.
Maureen Comber,
Information Services Librarian,
Clare County Library]

Date: 2nd December 2003
Dear Clare County Library,
On 20/2/2003 I posted an email to your Library notice board. The subject was "Lucky Day/Night". I was so pleased to find your website. I am now luckier because last week I received a letter from James Ginnane of Carhue, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co. Clare. It is fairly certain that his Grandfather and my Grt. Grandfather were brothers. James' son, Aidan, arrived in Australia on Friday for a one year working holiday. So I have made contact with him already by email and phone. And all of this was because one of their friends saw my email on your web notice board.
Thank you again.
Marilyn Mercer,
27 George St, Windsor. NSW. Australia.

Date: 14th November 2003
Dear Librarians,
Thank you ever so much for all the historical information that you have provided on your site. I now am able to surmise that my Moroney family of Tulla, Tulla parish actually, did come from there. Many thanks for all your hard work. Very much appreciated.
Many thanks.
Ann Dalton,
Perth, Western Australia.

Date: 14th November 2003
Greetings: My name is David Clancy and I am the creator of a website called Hunting New England Shipwrecks I recently created a page on my site that describes the Saint John shipwreck tragedy of 1849. Please check it out when you get a chance. Some of my reserch came from your site's excellent pages on the Saint John incident ( As an Irish-American and shipwreck enthusiast, I feel it is important for me to retell the long-lost story of the Saint John.
Best Regards,
Dave Clancy.
(Hunting New England Shipwrecks).

Date: 28th October 2003
Hi, I have just stumbled onto your website and I would like to congratulate you and your organisation for the great site. It provides much information for researchers of family historians.
Good luck,
Tony Thomas,
New Zealand.

Date: 19th October 2003
Hello. My, I am impressed at what you are doing for us genealogists. I am researching the Slattery family in Bridgetown. I found a baptism of grandfather John Slattery there in 1864. His parents were John Slattery and Ann Carey...
Elaine Slattery

Date: 18th October 2003
Hi. My name is Kath and I live in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. I have been trying to locate the birth place (in County Clare) of my great grandmother Honorah Howley. Her father's name was John. She was born circa 1834/5/6 and was married in Kapunda South Australia in 1856. After a lot of searching I have found that there were/are a lot of Howleys in Ennis... I would like to be able to correspond with any Howleys who may still be around and would be more than happy for my email address to be published.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. (I myself lived in Clare, South Australia).
Kath Olsen.

Date: 9th October 2003
Hello folks,
I am writing from the United States and want to congratulate you on your fantastic site. I spend hours looking at things in our family history. My grandfather was born in Ruan, and my family now live in Lahinch. My wife was born in Kilkerrin, Labasheeda... Again , congratulations on the great site.
Take Care,
Dan Sullivan.

Date: 15th September 2003
I just came across your website by accident while looking up something on "Google". It's fantastic, especially the Clare Census of 1901. My sister and myself spent weeks looking up this census in the National Archives while researching our Father's family - Frosts, Liddys and Quinns - and had this website been available then we could have saved ourselves a lot of time. Keep up the good work.
Eimear McAuliffe(Frost).

Date: 15th September 2003
Your website is excellent. Easy to use and full of information...
Michael Behan.

Date: 2nd September 2003
My name is Michael O'Loughlin, the grandson of John O'Loughlin who was killed in the WW1. I was delighted to see the information on the web site, it was very moving and really well presented and designed. I went to see his grave in Belgium, he was in the 16th Division... I would like to thank you on my grandfathers behalf for setting up this website as we are very proud of him and all the other Irish men and women that died for the Freedom of Small Nations and Ireland.
Yours sincerely,
Michael O'Loughlin (native of Lisdoonvarna),
New Ross, Co Wexford.

Date: 25th August 2003
Just thought I’d say hello since I see my book, Dreaming of a Stranger, was most borrowed in the library last year! Obviously lots of discerning readers in Clare and thanks to you all in the library for clearly recommending it to them.
Best wishes,
Sheila O’Flanagan

Date: 22nd August 2003
What an impressive website!! Very helpful for genealogy - the search engine is easy to use. Thank you so much for making this available & fun!!
Anne Quinn,
Chatham, NJ, USA.

Date: 18th August 2003
Just wanted you to know this is a great web-site. I have been to Kilkee twice - in 1991 and 1998. I have cousins in Kilkee still. Brendan O'Donnell and Moria McGreen. Love being able to look up all the old details, finding O'Donnells listed and wondering if they were my ancestors.
Phyllis L. Offer,
Bloomingdale, Il USA.

Date: 12th August 2003
Just a short note to say thank you for the wonderful surname index to Griffiths valuation... I had an Irish spelling of our American name (Irish = Liddane, American = Layden) so I decided to try it. I found several matching surnames and the townland I was looking for along with the parish and union. This has given me many more clues and I appreciate the effort because I have done some searching in Griffith's!
Thanks again for the work and for publishing it on the internet.
Joan Condon,
Greenfield, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Date: 18th June 2003
Dear Sir/Madam,
I found your website about a year ago and was very impressed with the information you provide. My grandmother was born in Effernan and I had the pleasure of visiting County Clare in 1979. A gentleman named Sean Reidy was my "tour guide", and showed me some of the local sites as well as telling me about local history...
Kevin Hammett,
National Trust for Historic Preservation Library,
University of Maryland Libraries.

Date: 9th June 2003
I visited your website and found it extremely useful. I'll recommend it to my students of Irish literature...
Yours sincerely,
Benjamin van Maarschalkerweerd,

Date: 3rd June 2003
Dear Library team,
I've just spent a most informative and enjoyable time on your new history section of the site [The Bodyke Evictions]. It is most informative and impressively clearly written for such a complex area. My congratulations to all who have made this possible.
Kevin O'Kelly.

1st May 2003
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a frequent visitor to your website and have found it to be excellent and informative. For genealogical purposes it is a mine of information and I eagerly await each new addition to the 1901 Census. Thanking you all for your hard work. I have had two trips over there in the last 10 years, but have never visited the library. It will definitely be on my list if I ever get to return...
Once again, thanks for such a great site.
Kind regards.
Mary East,
Western Australia.

Date: 25th April 2003
This is a wonderful website and the search engine is great. I was able to find my sister Mary Flanagan under the artists in schools scheme and I'm delighted that her talents are now available for all the world to see
Kieran Flanagan,

Date: 17th April 2003
Greetings from California! I found your website while searching out information on Brian Boru and I was delighted with such a wonderful discovery. Not only did I locate the information I sought, but, I have had the doors opened to many new adventures in literature. I will be visiting your gracious Ireland next month and will be bringing my "Book List" with me. Our holiday will afford us considerable time in County Clare and we look forward to it with great anticipation. Congratulations on providing such a comprehensive and inviting place to visit. It's like losing sense of time while browsing in a bookstore or spending the morning in the library.
Go raibh maith agat!
Nancy O'Bryon-Kennedy,
Sacramento, California.

Date: 31st March 2003
Thank you for a very informative site. My great grandfather was Henry Valentine Macnamara who used to own the Falls Hotel. Your site has helped me find out more information about my family background.
Sue Trapmore (nee Macnamara),
Yateley. U.K.

Date: 18th March 2003
I live and work in the UK and your site is tops, excellent. I was instantly able to trace relatives in the 1901 census and a casual look around the other features was impressive. Well done. The reason I visit is because my father was born in Co. Clare and for several years I have been building a family tree. This I do on-line using an American site called which facilitates this sort of thing and it is ideal for dispersed family groups who wish to keep in touch. As a result we have our own Dalyfamily of Ballynacally section with several dozen members regularly logging in. The 1901 census confirmed much of the data I already had and added some more thus helping me with the family tree.
Colm Daly,
Reading, U.K.

Date: 25th February 2003
Hullo Clarelibrary,
My name is Bryce Normoyle and I live in Melbourne Australia. Over the last eight months I have been tracing my family history and then extended that to all Normoyles who migrated to Australia in the the 1800s. I have developed a web page depicting the family story with the help of other Normoyle descendants at least as much as I can to date. Eventually I got to your web site and must congratulate you on the amount of information it contains re County Clare. It is wonderfully informative and very well produced...
Bryce Normoyle.

Date: 21st February 2003
Thank you for your wonderful site. I am interested in the name Guthrie and was amazed at how often it appears on your site. If every library in Eire put this amount of information on a site for overseas searchers (in particular) what a wonderful world it would be!!
Thanks again.
Patricia McArthur,
Rosebud, Victoria, Australia.

Date: 18th February 2003
Thanks for continuing your work on the 1901 census. I’ve been waiting for Kilofin to be entered and I discovered it was completed over the last few days. I found several families of my ancestors. So in case you wonder whether anyone is noticing, we are.

Date: 18th February 2003
Hello, What a great night this is! I have discovered your GREAT site. It is now 11.30 p.m. How will I tear myself away from it? My mother's maiden name is Ginnane. My grandfather, Robert Kimberley Ginnane, was born in Australia in 1900. His father came from Coney Island. I would love to make contact with my relatives there, but the wonderful research I have started with you tonight has given me some excellent leads. Congratulations and thank you. Warmest wishes from 30+ degrees celsius Australia.
Marilyn Mercer,
27 George St., Windsor. N.S.W. 2756.

Date: 17th February 2003
Dear Librarians,
Again I wish to say that your website is wonderful. It is a great resource for us here in the states who can't travel to Ireland as often as we would like. I would say it should be a model for the other County Libraries in Ireland to follow...
Many thanks.
Richard Kelly,
State of Maine.

Date: 16th February 2003
What a wonderful website. I have not visited it for some time, but in the meantime it has got even better. Congratulations and thank you to all who have contributed to it. Keep up the great work.
Michael McMahon.

Date: 11th February 2003
Congratulations on a great website! I was fascinated reading the records of the evictions in the Kilrush Poor Law Union. I find it amazing that the authorities at the time should actually document their injustices...
D. Irving.

Date: 10th February 2003
I love your website. I am second generation Irish, and both of my parents history is from Clare. The Torpeys are from Rathclooney in Tulla and the Murphys still have their farm in Bodyke. I am attempting to put all of my parents and grandparents stories together to develop a novel version of our family history. The online versions of Clare history are great...
Dan Torpey,
Dallas, Texas.

Date: 5th February 2003
Thank you for a WONDERFUL site!
Nancy Celleri,
Orlando, U.S.A.

Date: 4th February 2003
Good day,
It has been at least one year since I visited your web site and it was good before and now it is absolutely GREAT. Really, you folks have done a wonderful job. Can't wait for my third visit.
Eric Halpin,
with primary ancestors from Tulla.

Date: 10th January 2003
My interest is my ggrandmother's life in Killaloe and Limerick in 1800's. I visited your site about a year ago. What an improvement, it is fantastic! Thank you so much for the search facility and the easy layout. You have done so well with this. I cannot thank you enough. I have just found my gggrandfather on the 1901 Census.
Very best wishes.
Gina James,

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