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Visitor's Book 2004

Date: 23rd December 2004
Hullo to all concerned with the website. Thank You for the excellent work put in by all you clever people. I check the Site every second day for "What's New" as I am collecting the Tithe Applotments. While I am online I am so amazed at the marvellous information available.Must be the best county for sources for Family History in the whole of Ireland. I have yet to find one that compares. I know because I have looked. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year 2005.
Wilma Erlandsen
West Australia

2nd December 2004
Would you please express my warmest congratulations to Sonia Schorman on the excellent work displayed with shots from all over Clare. This is a fantastic resource to have available for both people away from home in Clare and those researching and interested in tourism. Sonia Schorman is possibly County Clare's most persuasive history, culture and tourism sales person. Again, excellent work and I hope this will catch on with other libraries around the country.
Martin Dier

Date: 15th November 2004
Your library's services on the internet compel me to write this. Not only have you made marvelous data sources, like the Tithe Applotments, Griffiths Valuation, Census for Clare, and numerous other documents available, but facilitated their search with your website Google. Your labors, your devotion and your management skills in recruiting volunteers around the world to enter these data are admirable. I hope they are appreciated and supported by the County government, as well as by users like myself. Surely your efforts will produce economic dividends in tourism for the County. Clare was my favorite destination in Ireland, even before I knew two of my mother's grandparents came from there. (In the States, they found mates from nearby. One married a man from Castletown, Tipperary, near Killaloe. The other married a girl from Pallas Grean, Limerick.) My original attraction to Clare, in five past visits, was the music in Doolin, Lisdoonvarna, and Kilfenora. Now, with much more knowledge of my origins, I have additional incentives to come back to Clare. Should you have any budget problems with the County, I hope commendations like this may help. It would be great if your zeal spreads to the libraries of other Counties, who have nothing to match your website. If you can be missionaries to them, bail o Dhia ar an obair!
Go raith maith agat!
Terrence E. Connolly
Baldwinsville, NY, USA

Date: 3rd November 2004
Greetings to you. As a descendant of families from Clare, I must first tell you that your genealogy web site is one of my prized links. You and your workers do a remarkable and much appreciated job helping Clare families all over the world! I just learned that your Tithe records for Feakle parish are now online... Thanks again for the service you provide to so many people.
Lynn Tuohy

Date: 2nd November 2004
Hello there. Have just browsed through the photo collection of railways in Clare. Would it be possible for someone to answer a query? I would like to know when the railways started operating in Clare? My grandfather arrived in Australia and was immediately working as a "train driver". It would seem impossible that he worked in this position without having gone through the grades. Hence my interest in the Clare Railway system and its beginnings. Oh yes, both my grandparents came from Clare. I am proud of my heritage. On a lovely sunny Saturday morning in northern New South Wales - known as "God's Country" - named that way by the early Irish!
New South Wales,
[Dear Kay,
The Limerick to Ennis Rail line was opened in 1859 and ran between those two towns. It was later extended to Sligo and ran north from Ennis, in the Galway direction. The West Clare Railway was started in 1884 and ran until 1961. I hope this information is helpful.
Clare County Library]

Date : 5th October 2005
Hi Guys! I have just spent several hours enjoying your site, and being amazed by what you have! A many-times great-grandmother came from Tulla to Australia, alone, at the age of about 13, in 1852. I can now see why. I was delighted to see her father, Patrick Egan, carpenter, mentioned in Slater’s directory of 1846. Apart from this I could find nothing. But your site has given me a great deal to think about – thanks.
Kind regards,
Bruce Young,
Perth, Australia

Date: 1st October 2004
Have you any idea how superior your web site is to many, many others? I have been doing a family search for 3 years, all in Clare, and have moved around into others and superior is the only way to describe your web site, your library system, your employees and the information we have all benefited from.
Barbara Kelley
Idaho, USA

Date: 28th September 2004
Wow, your site has really improved since I first started coming to it in 2001. I wish you well and will continue to point people in your direction. Great resources.
Warm regards,
Jim Kelly

Date: 1st September 2004
Clare Library I can't believe my luck in hitting your web site! What a marvel it is that you put so much effort and fun into children's reading. I am very impressed with your work! Well done once again for your superb work.
Lisa McArdle
County Cork

30th August 2004
Congratulations on the new photo section of the Library website. Good thumbnails, larger images rapidly viewable, good search facility. Had
great fun browsing it.
Best wishes,
Paddy Casey

Date: 12th July 2004
First of all, I would like to thank you for all the fabulous information on your website. The Tithe Applotment Transcription Project came together so quickly that I couldn't believe my eyes! Its a great testament to a dedicated and highly organized staff! Thanks to this wealth of information I have finally (after 10 years) discovered my family's (Clancy) townland (Glenconane)...
Again, thank you for your time and efforts.
Sandy Ciszewski
Wisconsin USA

Date: 15th June 2004
Dear Clare Library Staff,
Just a note to let you all know how much I enjoy your website. It is very useful to me in my studies, and I appreciate the time and effort you put into maintaining links, attending to the visual images, and editing the text with flair and attention to detail. I visited your library in person last summer, but since I cannot return for a while, your online library is the next best thing. Again, many thanks!! Hope you enjoy a great summer.
Kathleen Quinlivan
New York, U.S.A.

Date: 12th May 2004
Congratulations. Your website is really "beaut" (An Australian term!). I am in need of some guidance.
My gt grandfather, James Carroll, was sentenced in the Ennis Court on 2 June 1831 for assaulting a dwelling house and transported for life to Australia. He served 14 years and then received a conditional pardon which meant he could never leave the colony. I have recently found an article in The Times of Wednesday June 8, 1831 giving details of a case before the court and it is headed "Thursday, June 2, Fifteen Men transported from the dock" and goes on to tell of what these men did in bursting into the house of an aged clergyman, demanding land and then smashing the windows. They were members of the Terry Alts. I think this relates to my gt grandfather but unfortunately the report did not list names. Do records still exist in Ennis and if so how do I obtain a copy which may make mention of the men transported? I look forward to your recommendations.
Beryl Curtis
(An Aussie now living in New Zealand on a grey and overcast morning)
[Dear Beryl,
Thank you for your e-mail to Clare County Library and your query relating to your forebear James Carroll and the Special Commission held in Ennis in early June 1831 pursuant to Terry Alt agitation in the county at that time. There is a detailed account of the trial of James Carroll (before Judge Moore) who "was indicted that he on the 8th of April did take from the house of Mr. Smith at Castlefergus, one gun, the property of Mr Smith, one gun the property of Mr. Singleton, one gun the property of Richard Griffin, and seven guns belonging to His Majesty ..." (Clare Journal, 6 June 1831). The prosecution, defence, verdict and sentence are given in extenso in the paper. Interestingly, James Carroll was sentenced to death for this crime but the Lord Lieutenant, on the application of the Attorney-General (who prosecuted the offence) commuted the capital sentence to one of transportation for life. I will be happy to send you a printout of the contemporary newspaper reports if you e-mail me your full postal address in New Zealand. There might also be information in other sources, notably the 'Outrage Papers' held in the National Archives, Dublin; and Peter Gorman. "A Report on the Proceedings under a Special Commission of Oyer and Terminer in the Counties of Limerick and Clare in the months of May and June 1831, including the Proceedings of the Adjourned Commission in Ennis" (Limerick, 1831). Possibly the ship James Carroll was transported on was the Asia V 2 arriving in Australia on 2nd December 1831.
With best wishes,
Peter Beirne,
Clare County Library

Date: 10th May 2004
I wanted to thank you for posting some fascinating history, information and records about County Clare on your website. It is be by far the best website I've found in all my exploration of websites in the Western Counties. My grandfather, Mathew Shinners (b. about 1840) , came from somewhere near Killaloe in County Clare or County Tipperary (Newport) but we're not sure exactly where (and we're not sure of his parents or other siblings). In the history of the Hedge Schools (1824) I found an 'Elizabeth Shinners' as mistress of a hedge school in Killaloe Parish in the 'Townland or Place' of "Agherine". Is there any place (or would anyone know) where I could find where "Agherine" is or was located? The 'Shinners' name is not all that too common and any direction you could point us towards would be deeply appreciated.
God Bless,
Ed Shinners,
Murray, Kentucky, USA
[Dear Ed,
Thank you for your e-mail to Clare County Library enquiring about the Shinners name, and the placename 'Agherine.' To the best of my knowledge, Agherine refers to the townland of Aharinagh More in the parish of O'Briensbridge. Note that Aharinagh names two townlands, Aharinagh Beg (small or lower Aharinagh) in the parish of Killokennedy, and Aharinagh More (big or upper Aharinagh) in the parish of O'Briensbridge. Note also that the spelling of this townland varies somewhat over the decades and centuries. In the Tithe Applotment Books of the mid and late 1820s it is spelled Aherina (for the O'Briensbridge townland) and in the Griffith's
of the mid 1850s it is spelled Aharinaghmore. In the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish of O'Briensbridge, dated February 1824, there is an entry for an Edm.d Shinners (Edmund or Edmond). In the Griffith's Valuation dated 1855, there are no entries for Shinners in this townland. It would appear that
the family had left the townland between the mid 1820s and the early to mid 1850s. Note that there is an entry in Griffiths for a Mary Shinners in the townland of Ballymoloney in the parish of Killokennedy in 1855.
This townland (Ballymoloney) is a few short miles north/north-east of Aharinagh Beg and Aharinagh More and so is close enough to be significant for your purposes. Note also that Aharinagh Beg and Aharinagh More, though in two different parishes, are in fact adjoining townlands. If you e-mail me your full postal address in Kentucky I will be happy to post you out the extracts from the Tithes (Edm.d Shinners) and from Griffith's (Mary Shinners) as well as maps of the relevant townlands showing their extent and position. I will include a copy from the 1824 Hedge Schools list as well. Thank you for your kind comments about our website, and I hope the above notes are helpful to you.
With best wishes,
Peter Beirne,
Clare County Library.]

Date: 29th April 2004
Dear Librarians,
That is a flattering little biography of my distant ancestor. I enjoyed it.
Peter Bindon
Yass, NSW, Australia

Date: 15th April 2004
I have written to you before this to thank you for your notice board and how I found my family from Coney Island. Our latest news is that we are coming to County Clare. We arrive in Dublin, from Heathrow, on 2 July, and depart Shannon on 8 July. How exciting is that! We are going with them to the island to see the remains of the family home, graveyard, church etc. I have also found my gg grandmother Catherine Ginnane on your 1901 Census for Coney Island (DED Number 67/16).
Thank you again for your help.
Warmest wishes,
Marilyn Mercer,
Windsor, NSW, Australia

Date: 14th April 2004
As a role-model for all libraries seeking to make their resources accessible online, Clare County Library in the Irish town of Ennis has created an exemplary website at, one that could hardly be bettered...
Caroline Peacock,
The Good Web Guide

Date: 1st April 2004
I must compliment you highly for the very fine work you have put into placing genealogical information on
your site. As a county library you are a leader in the country for this great effort in local studies.
Mise le meas,
Pádraig Mór Ó Gealagáin

Date: 1st April 2004
I just wanted to write to thank all those who are involved in the CLASP project [the 1901 Census]. My grandmother and grandfather were from Clare and I appreciate the time and labor involved in transcribing the material. Having done some research on my own, looking at the microfilm, and copying documents can be tedious work. I've been somewhat successful and am looking forward to when the Census is complete. I visit the website about twice a month, and I usually find something new.
Thanks again,
Barbara Chance

Date: 31st March 2004
Hello. I have discovered your web site and have been using it with great success to help build my family tree. Having access to the Griffiths valuation 1855 and the 1901 census of Clare has been of enormous value...
Norah Clarke,

Date: 24th March 2004
Up to a few years ago you would have had to pay handsomely or commit much time to finding out information on County Clare, its history and its genealogy. Today the Clare County Library website contains a fantastic array of information, including access to all manner of census records on the county. It is also bang up to date with current useful information on County Clare. So if your needs are more to do with present day County Clare, it is your one stop shop.
Kilrush Connect at

Date: 22nd March 2004
Could you please advise if you have any facilities for enquiries i.e notice boards regarding genealogy. I am hoping to find relatives of John Doyle who lived in Ennis/Ennistymon(?) before moving to England. From information on his son John Joseph's marriage certificate in 1961, I know he was a boot & shoe maker and he lived in London. I would be most grateful for any help/advice you could give.
Mrs Wakefield
you can post messages on Clare genealogy at
Rootsweb's County Clare message board and Rootsweb's County Clare mailing List,
Best of luck in your research,
Anthony Edwards
Clare County Library]

Date: 18th March 2004
The information you've included on your website is brilliant. All the online resources and other county
data is unparalleled.
I've had occasion to request research assistance and your staff has been consistently knowledgeable, enthusiastic, prompt and courteous. It's a real pleasure dealing with your library.
Eilis O'Hara

Date: 17th March 2004
Happy St. Patrick's Day to my fellow Irish men and women of County Clare!!!
John J Maloney
Tolland, Ct., USA,
Via Six Mile Bridge, Ireland.

Date: 8th march 2004
Dear Library staff: I have been referred to your website from a government official after I made a similar inquiry there. Could you please tell me the most popular surname in Ireland? I have a bet with a gentleman here in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, that it is Murphy. He is under the impression that it is O'Brien. If neither of these names are the most popular, we at least need to know which one of these two is the most used. My mother's maiden name was Murphy, he is an O'Brien. There is a tremendous bar tab waiting to be made up on St. Patty's Day, that the loser has to pay. Your time and attention to this earth shattering important issue is much appreciated. Thank you!
Rog Harre,
Nebraska, USA
[ Dear Rog,
Thank you for your e-mail enquiring about which surname is the most populous in Ireland. According to Robert E. Matheson's Special report on surnames in Ireland together with varieties and synonyms of surnames and Christain names in Ireland (Dublin, 1901), the most populous surnames are as follows:
1. Murphy
2. Kelly/O'Kelly
3. Sullivan/O'Sullivan
4. Walsh
5. Smith
6. O'Brien
7. Byrne
8. Ryan
9. Connor/O'Connor
10. O'Neill
I hope this answers your query and the proceeds of the bar tab are well spent on St Patrick's Day in Lincoln!
With best wishes,
Peter Beirne,
Clare County Library].

Date: 5th March 2004
I am wondering if you are able help with this query. I am looking for the words to a song titled "Ennistymon on the Inagh" written over 30 years ago. Is there any possibility that it may be available in any of your local library publications? If so would you be kind enough to e-mail me the words.
Many thanks,
Eugene Judge
PS My late mother's family originated from Co. Clare.
[Dear Mr. Judge,
you will find all the words of the song "Ennistymon on the Inagh", written by Tadgh Ó hEagráin (whose son, Fursa, works in Ennistymon Library), on our website under Literature and Learning in Ennistymon and North Clare.
Best regards,
Anthony Edwards,
Clare County Library

Date: 2nd March 2004
I was tinkering with a new novel, with nothing much to do beyond tinkering, and I (on a whim, which just may have been egotistical) searched for my novel, Red Branch. I'm still proud of the book, but I am also a realist, so it was a moment of revelation and elation when I found your mention of my book. Thank you so very much for recognising what I was trying to put into it. I sincerely hope your readers will look at it. But where on earth the 'larger public' will get a copy is a mystery! I think I have the last 30 copies printed, and gathering dust, here beside me. I will of course dash over to County Clare, which I love, and sign copies, which I will provide free -- at a moment's notice. Well, maybe in the Spring.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
George Hummer
[Dear Mr Hummer,
we have eight copies of Red Branch, and it has been borrowed twenty eight times so far by our readers. We are delighted to have been able to promote your book (in however modest a manner). We see literature promotion as a major part of our operation as we know how hard it can be for people to find 'a good read'. Your book is part of the promotion 'Turning Points' which we received from the 'Well Worth Reading' scheme in 1996. Well Worth Reading, a co-operative venture by Dorset, Hampshire and West Sussex Libraries, developed the first professionally produced fiction promotions for libraries in 1987. Well Worth Reading subsequently merged with other bodies to create The Reading Agency in 2002. I have just checked Amazon, and your book is available there, although they do say it has 'Limited Availability'.
Best regards,
Anthony Edwards,
Clare County Library

Date: 27th February 2004
[Re Clare Tithe Applotment Books Transcription Project]
Dear Librarians,

what a great idea and a great project! Again you have proven yourself the best County Library in Ireland!
Dick Kelly
Maine, USA

Date: 24th February 2004
Let me congratulate you all for having an absolutely fantastic site for information on County Clare. I have relations in SixMileBridge and your site has given me the desire to build my own Web Site regarding the history of my name and ancestors... Thank you for stirring my interest in Irish history.
John Maloney

Date: 17th February 2004
I want to compliment you on your excellent website. It has been a great help to me as I research my Clare ancestors. Thank you for all of your wonderful work.
Beth Gerber
Ohio, USA

Date: 11th February 2004
Re: 1901 Census: wonderful work in getting this valuable resource online!
Tom McDowell
(Dorset, England)

Date: 6th February 2004
Thanks for all the fine work you do and the effort it must have taken to make so much material available to the world.
Sincerely yours,
Nellie Moran

Date: 31st January 2004
Thank you so much for all the work you have done to put genealogical material on your web site. Not only did I find the 1901 census most helpful, but your 1935-1985 Index to biographical notices, 'Clare Champion" had information on many of our Lynch, O'Malley and Callinan relatives... Again thank you for being so helpful! Lucy Lynch

Date: 23rd January 2004
Your website is astounding and outstanding!
Richard Kelly,
Maine, USA

Date: 15th January 2004
Dear Sir or Madam:While going through the 1659 census on your website I kept seeing the word "Teigh" or "Oge." Are these names or titles? By the way, your website is incredible. For someone like me in far-flung frozen Minnesota who loves exploring family and Irish history, your website is a great joy. The way it has grown and expanded in the last few years is truly amazing. The best of the New Year to you all.
Stephen J. McInerny
Minnesota, USA.
[Hi Stephen,
I'm so glad someone is reading through the 1659 census! In reply to your question, Teigh, or Teige, is a forename (Christian name). It is in use today, usually spelt Tadhg. Oge simply means 'young' and would be the equivalent of Junior or Jnr. today. It's spelt Og today. It was normally used to distinguish between a father and son with the same forename.
All the best,
Maureen Comber,
Clare County Library
Thank you for your quick response to my question. I'm sure I am not the only person around the world reading through the census. Every time I visit your web site it seems there is something new and intriguing. Like many Americans, I am very interested in my Irish roots and Irish history. When I went through your 1842 directory of Kilkee and saw McInernys (MacInerneys, etc) listed I was thrilled. My family left Kilfearagh Parish in 1844 and ever since there has been an Austin McInerny in every generation, including my brother and my son. To see two of them in the Kilkee directory was a real revelation. When it comes to content, you have by far one of the best web sites I have ever visited. Keep up the great work.
Stephen J. McInerny
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Date: 4th January 2004
Just a short note to say thank you very much for compiling the County Clare Griffiths Valuation list. It is a great help.

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