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Visitor's Book 2006

Date: 29th December 2006
I have been researching my family history (Mahers from Doolin) over the past year and would just like to thank the library for having so much useful information available on the website and I really appreciate it.
Margaret Curran

Date: 18th December 2006
I am a descendant of the Garvey and Marrinan / Marinan family of Kilkee. My maternal great grandmother was Margaret Garvey (b 1858 in
Davenport, Iowa USA, d 2-16-1926 in Davenport). She was the daughter of John (b 1821 in Ireland, d 12-20-1893 in Davenport) and Margaret Marinan Garvey (b 1824 in Ireland, d 1-24-1876 in Davenport). To make a long story short there were many members of both families in Davenport during the mid 1800s through mid 1900s. Many descendants still live in Davenport and across the United States. The Davenport connection to Kilkee is prominent and includes others such as Walsh and McCarthy. My intent in contacting you is to ask if it would be possible for you or someone to pass this message on to any members of either family. My hope is to find Garvey, Marinan and O'Brien family who may be related or know of the link to Davenport. At the very least is would be interesting to hear from members of either family. Please freely distribute this message. People can contact me at this email address or at the postal address below. I look forward to many responses... I hope to visit Kilkee in the next two years.
Thank you,
John M Dooley
404 East Lombard Street
Davenport Iowa 52803 3044 USA
[Hi John,
I'd recommend that you post your query on the Clare Rootsweb mailing list and message board and on the Clare Ireland Genealogy Forum). See our Genealogy page for more research support links. I'd also recommend that you write to the Clare Champion newspaper ( - they regularly publish similar material. We'll post your query on our Visitors' Book at any rate and hope you receive some replies.
Best of luck with your research,
Anthony Edwards,
Clare County Library]

Date: 6th December 2006
You guys have a great site. I love all the primary documents you have available. As a library degree student and an editor (and I have an MA in Irish Studies), I can really appreciate all the work you guys do.
Thanks again,
Roisin Corry,

Date: 2nd December 2006
Re: Hickey Family....Fahybeg, Killaloe, Co. Clare Ireland.
I am contacting you in regards to the above family. Firstly I would like to say THANKYOU for all the info I have found on your is wonderful. I have been able to find direct reference to some of this family. My grandmother, Lilian Grace Hickey was born in Tenterfield , NSW Australia in 1913.Her grandfather was John Hickey who left Ireland in the early 1850's when he was a baby with his father Patrick and mother Bridget Crotty. They were one of the pioneers of Australia...
Kerry Wall

Date: 30th November 2006
Hello, I made this listing to perhaps help locate Michael Blake b. 1799 and his family from the Loop Head Peninsula of County Clare. I thought perhaps you might find it useful as well. Thank you so very much for your wonderful site, it has helped me a lot.
Judith (Blake) Thomas

Date: 27th November 2006
The family have been trawling thorough the Co.Clare website and found it very good reading, and easy to navigate. I'm not of the generation to be computer literate, but because of the easy presentation I am managing quite well... We have been trawling the website and collection of historical documents, and have been able to find grandmother's family in Ballydonahane. Her father, Garrett Stewart, was tenant No.95 on Col. O'Callaghan's estate up to the 1890s. We are now trying to find the Ratigan family. James Ratigan seems to have appeared from nowhere round about 1899, we can't find any records of him before then. But the sleuth is working on it, and if the information is available she'll find it. What I would like to locate is a map showing the area in detail, possibly an Ordinance Survey map. I must look up that website.
Peter Ratigan
[Hi Peter,
thank you for your kind comments on our website. You can view Ballydonoghan townland online via our 1842 online Ordnance Survey maps.
There are two routes to take:
1: from our homepage click on 'Historical Maps', then click '1842 Ordnance Survey 6" Maps', then click on 'The Online Maps', then from the 'Open a search list' box select 'Townlands/Towns', type in 'Ballyd', select 'Ballydonaghan' below by clicking on it, and then click on the link below that to 'Balydonoghan on 1842 OS map'.
2. Alternatively, from our homepage click on 'Places & Placenames', click on 'Townlands', click on 'Abbey East to Carrigoran', and then click on 'Ballydonaghan' to get to the page for that townland. Follow the link to the map from there.
You will first need to install an SVG plugin for your browser to access the maps. See for details.
Best of luck with your research,
Anthony Edwards,
Clare County Library]

Date: 23rd October 2006
Many thanks for the Disk with OS 6 inch 1840 Maps. They are working fine on and off internet ... These are a fascinating insight as how things have changed in 150 years, and they will add considerable to my walks and exploration of the countryside.
Best regards,
Michael Twohig.

Date: 12th August 2006
Your web site is fabulous! When here in the states, I use it regularly to supplement my genealogy research.
Thank you very much.
Bud Madigan

Date: 31st August 2006
In number 54 of the Michael John Glynn photos there is a picture of a lady handing golfer Mary McKenna a trophy. This lady is my late mother Mary Lynch of Lahinch who was Lady Captain of Lahinch Golf Club in 1974 and was officiating at the presentation cermony. You may want to update this picture with the above information. Thank you for the memories - these photos are terrific.
I now live in FL, USA.
Thanks again
Mike Lynch

Date: 26th August 2006
I would like to say thank you for a wonderful site. To see my ancestors names there makes me feel part of Ireland. I come from the families of Foran and White from Carrowroe, and of course Ryan - good strong names. Again, thank you so very much.

Date: 10th August 2006
A short e-mail to say... Great website... I needed to track a book and found it on the website and then found its availability in the local library…. Absolutely great. Thanks and keep up the great service...
Dr. Paul Butler,
University of Limerick

Date: 2nd August 2006
(Re Bodyke Eviction website) Just a quick line to say what an excellent website you have put together. I was unaware of it until I recently started looking for teaching resources, and now intend to direct my undergraduates to it when I teach the land war in the autumn.
Best Wishes
Dr James McConnel,
Lecturer in History,
School of History and International Affairs,
University of Ulster, Magee

Date: 12th July 2006
I would like to thank you all for providing such a wonderful service for people who want to find out more about their ancestors' lives in County Clare...
Isolde Kinns,

Date: 30th June 2006
It has been a great pleasure exploring your site and I have been able to get statistics I could find nowhere else on population. When I see a site like this I appreciate that it takes great dedication and commitment to produce a resource like this. I hope that all other county libraries will follow your lead and do as good a job as has been done here.
Thanks again for the great site.
Yours sincerely,
Paddy Maher
County Kildare

Date: 27th June 2006
I'm a reference librarian at the State Library of Western Australia and I'd just like to let you know how useful the Places and Placenames section of your website is - it helped me solve a baffling geographical question for one of our genealogy clients.
Frances Hammond,
State Library of Western Australia

Date: 15th June 2006
The maps are just stunning. I have been researching my wife's family (Redden's) who we believe came from SixMileBridge and it has been great finding all links in the original sources on your site - the one thing that I have needed to place it all is the Ordnance maps. I was very keen to study the maps from here in Adelaide, South Australia, and am enjoying immensely all the information on your site.
Thanks again,
Terry Cleary,

Date: 1st June 2006
I leave today for two weeks in Ireland and will spend a few days of it in Clare. I just want you to know I’ve read almost all your web site about Clare and enjoyed it, and it will make my trip much richer. Thanks. You’ve done a great job.
Bobbie Rosencrans,
Michigan, US

Date: 5th May 2006
I just want to drop you a line to say I have received the CD of the 1842 Ordnance Survey Maps. I have been able to work through the process of loading the CD and maps into my computer. These maps will help me to appreciate the area in the Sheeaun and Cappaghabaun Park townlands where my great great grandmother lived prior to her transportation to Australia in 1849. I wish to thank you and the Clare library for the CD of the 1842 maps.
Best Wishes,
Liz Schroeder,

Date: 25th April 2006
My thanks to all at the Library for the masses of family history data you are putting on line. The Library offerings are unparalleled and make one thankful that the ancestors one is digging up came from Clare. This message is triggered by the discovery that you have now put the 1841 Clare Registry of Freeholders (830 names) on-line. In 4 minutes browsing I found 4 of my ancestors in the Registry and then found the names of 4 other farmers who lived in their vicinity, thus enrichening my knowledge of the area they lived in. I hadn't realised that they held the freeholds or leaseholds at that time, another important piece of new information. I also found the curious old name (Camelpark) by which our village used to be known. A recently deceased cousin with a prodigious memory had told me about this name but hitherto, despite a search which bordered on the pathologically obsessive, I had been unable to find it in any old documents. Now, thanks to the Library's work, here it is on-line for goodness' sake. Keep up the good work!
Patrick Casey,

Date: 16th March 2006
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the County Clare Library for having such an informative web site. Your web site has to be the best in all of Ireland. I found my family name Durick, on applotment/valuation records posted on you site. My wife and I will be touring Ireland this spring. I hope I am able to find a grave marker with the name Durick on it during our travels. We will make every effort to visit your fine library.
Thanks again,
Michael M. Durick
Oregon, USA

Date: 13th March 2006
Dear Clare Library,
I would like to thank you for your web site. I have spent a while browsing the photo collection etc hoping to get an insight into the area of my GGG Grandmother Bridget Madigan born about 1836, who was a 15 year old orphan from the Tulla Workhouse who came to Tasmania, Australia on board the "Calcutta" in 1851. I thought that she would have felt much at home here in Tasmania as it is not unlike your area... It looks a lovely area and I visit it in my dreams.
Robin Walker (Mrs)
Tasmania, Australia

Date: 9th March 2006
I just want to say thank you for your wonderful web site with online records. I live in Minnesota USA and although I did spend a few days in Kilrush - the town where my grandmother was born - I could not continue my family history project without the valuable records and maps you provide.
Byron Marshall
(grandson of Mary Catherine HANLEY (b.1854), great grandson of Walter and Winifred Fahey HANLEY)

Date: 28th February 2006
Congratulations on your excellent web site. I have spent an interesting time looking at my family records and have found some missing aunts and uncles. Thank you.
All good wishes,
Desmond Markham

Date: 19th February 2006
On browsing your website today, I was delighted to see that you have featured Louise Arnold's "The Invisible Friend" as your Children's Book of the Month choice [February 2006]. Louise is my son's fiancee and they are living in Canterbury (Kent, UK). In fact, he (Kieran) is named in the dedication inside the front cover. If your readers would like to find out more information about her, or to contact her, I am sure that they will greatly enjoy visiting her very informative and amusing website "The Invisible Friend" has been widely acclaimed and already has been released in several countries, including USA (under the title "Golden & Grey"). She has just completed her second book, which is scheduled for release sometime this summer.

My reasons for writing are twofold. Firstly, I thank you for your support for the book (which many adults have also enjoyed reading). The second is to express my great affection (to this day) for Clare and particularly for the town of Ennis. I have lived in the UK since 1966 but prior to then, I spent two very happy and carefree years as accountant to The Old Ground Hotel (1964 - 1966), at a time when Brendan O'Regan was the owner and Jack Donnelly was manager. My predecessor was Tom Mannion. I attach a copy of a photo that appeared in The Clare Champion in 1966 - I have aged somewhat since then!
I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Eamonn McGettrick
11 Alexandria Drive
Herne Bay
Kent CT6 8HX

Date: 17th February 2006
Although I do not have any ancestors who came from County Clare, I am related to people who do. I discovered your website a few months ago and have found the information extremely useful. We have been able to check various records in KIlballyowen Parish and have found mentions of their family. I believe that we even found her greatgrandmother living in the 1901 census.
The data, the maps, the photos...
I wish the counties that I am interested in had such a resource.
Thank you.
Karen Elias

Date: 2nd February 2006
Re your historical maps: Just wanted to say I saw this site for the first time to-day and I think it's terrific - a great initiative because of the clarity of the maps and the zoom flexibility. I hope it will stimulate Clare studies - I know I'll be encouraging students to look at it.
Arnold Horner,
(Geography Department, UCD)

Date: 16th January 2006
I would like to thank you for the wonderful resources that are in the Clare Library, and to the excellent texts that have been made available through Clasp Press, which I have purchased and read with great interest, especially those on the antiquities and folklore of Clare. Thanks to the library, I have also been able to take back my family history research in County Clare to the early 1800s...
Paul Gallagher,

Date: 3rd January 2006
Re 1901 Census of Clare: Thank you so much for putting this information on the web.
Kathy Usher,

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