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Visitor's Book 2007

Date: 7th December 2007
I'd be very interested in the photos you have of Luke Kelly on your foto site, I'm a big fan of his and would like to know if I could purchase a copy.
Kind Regards
Seán Brennan
[Hi Seán,
you can download them yourself from the site (for free) as long as it's for personal use.
Go to
Select the photos (
Search for 'Luke Kelly', click on one of the images presented, and identify the collection in which it is held (in this case 'Miscellaneous Collections').
Click on 'Download images' (in the top right-hand corner)
Read the instructions.
Then type in the username and password ('download' in each case).
Then select 'Miscellaneous Collections' from the 'Select collection list' on top of the page.
Then type 'Luke Kelly' in the search box.
Click on the magnifying glass icon under one of the three photos.
That'll bring up the image without a watermark, and just right-click on the image and save it to your hard disk.
All the best,
Anthony Edwards,
Clare County Library]

Date: 8th October 2007
RE: 1901 Census

How wonderful! I haven't looked at all of the listings, and I have not found the names I want, but finding
this so freely available is great. Would that all the counties would do the same.
Thank you,

Date: 4th September 2007
Dear Madam / Sir,
THANK YOU so very much for the very wonderful website. Even tho I did not find a listing for the surname of my g-grandmother Bridget Shelley there, it just kind of confirms what I have thought that family lore has an error in where she came from in Ireland. There is so much on your web site of value and I will return to learn more from some of the readings there and see if I can educate myself in the search for her.
Thank you for your wonderful service,
Don Finel
in Washington State U.S.A.

Date: 22nd August 2007
Hi Sir or Mam,
How do I become a website member of your library, as my family history of McNamara, O'Brien, and Moriarty all came from County Clare?
Ray McNamara
[Hi Ray,
follow the link on our home page at
to the online forums at
Then simply register as a user and post your query there on the Clare Past forum.
All the best,
Anthony Edwards,
Clare County Library.]

Date: 22nd August 2007
I've been enjoying your excellent website as a source of information on Irish history -both local and national and also as a help in tracing my own family history.
Many thanks,
Margaret Lloyd,
New Zealand

Date: 5th August 2007
Thank you so much for the assistance and friendliness of the staff at the Ennistymon Public Library during our month in Ireland. We enjoyed our stay very much and appreciated being able to send email to our families at home. And my library card shall remain my most treasured souvenir (along with thousands of photographs) of my visit to Ennistymon, and elsewhere, in Ireland.
Ireland was just as enchanting as I had hoped for and will always be unforgettable!
Sharon L. Kincaid-Wininger, Etowah, North Carolina, USA

Date: 24th July 2007
Dear Sir/Madam,
would it be possible to get some pages copied from this book if you have it: The History and Topography of the County of Clare: From the Earliest Times to the Beginning - Pages 571 & 600 by James Frost - 1893... The information I need from them is about Fitzgerald of Innishmore, the Knight of Kerry. I found the references on the internet by doing a Google book search. Would it be possible to get them, and if the information continues on the pages before or after would you be able to check if there was an index at the back if there are any more references?...
I hope this isn't too much,
thank you,
Thomas Dillon,
County Kerry.
[Hi Thomas,
if you follow the 'History' link on our homepage you will see that see that the entire book is online at
You can search the entire book (and everything else on our website) by using our search facilities at
All the best,
Anthony Edwards,
Clare County Library]

Date: 20th June 2007
Goodmorning. Thank you for the wealth of information you have made available to those of us who research from afar. Your website is my first place of checking each day hoping to find my elusive Irish family in your new releases of information.
B est wishes,
Carol Crawford,
NSW Australia

Date: 20th June 2007
Dear Sir/ Madam,
Your online resources are extremely impressive and a great help to those seeking to find ancestors. Well done!
Kind regards,
Narelle Nelson,

Date: 13th June 2007
Clare Library:
I am searching for information on the town of Martin Fennel(l), my great grandfather, the first to come to America. I found this obituary in the
Kingsley, Iowa paper:
"Died August 11, 1907, Martin Fennel aged 86 years, 10 months, and 5 days. Mr. Fennel was born in Calbane, Clare County, Ireland. After
coming to this country he was married to Margaret Cody, who died six years ago, to this union was born twelve children, seven of whom are
still living. The deceased was buried from St Michaels Catholic Church, In Kingsley, Rev. Father Toohill officiating."
I am having trouble tracing Calbane. I would appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.
Take Care,
Clair "Butch" Fennell
Nebraska, USA
[Dear Clair,
thank you for your e-mail enquiring about the placename Calbane, County Clare. Unfortunately, I know of no placename in county Clare called Calbane. It is likely that the place Martin Fennel(l) came from in Clare was spelled with the prefix 'Kil -' rather than 'Cal -' as the prefix Kil is very common in Irish placenames. Kil means a wood or place of trees (from the Irish 'coill', a wood) or sometimes the prefix Kil can refer to a local church or saint. There is a list of Clare townlands beginning with the prefix Kil on our website here.
There is one Clare townland called Kilbane (meaning the 'white wood' from the Irish, an coill bán) in the parish of Killokennedy which is situated in eastern Clare. Kilbane and Calbane would both be pronounced similarly.
Speaking generally, most of the Clare Fennells tend to be in south-west Clare. The Fennells in Clare in the nineteenth century (and your great-grandfather Martin was born circa 1821) were concentrated in the area around Kilrush - Kilkee- Carrigaholt and the area of Clare around the mouth of the River Shannon known as the Loop Head peninsula.
You will find listings of Fennells (and the variant spelling Finnell) from the 1820s/1830s in the Tithe Applotment Books, and from 1855 in Griffith's Valuation. A good number of the 19th century Fennells we can trace from these lists come from the parishes of Kilfearagh, Kilrush, Moyarta and Kilballyowen. You will find an outline map of Clare with its parishes superimposed on it here, and you will see these four parishes in the south-west of the county. The parish of Kilfearagh is numbered 56, Kilballyowen 57, Moyarta 58 and Kilrush 59. I note Finnells in the townland of Kilbaha (parish of Kilballyowen), dated 1825; and Fennells in Kilbaha in Griffith's Valuation, dated 1855. Possibly, Calbane might be a corruption of the townland name, Kilbaha (and note that Kilbaha also names a village). You can see the village of Kilbaha in Loop Head on this 1922 map and you will find an outline map of the parish of Kilballyowen here, showing the two townlands of Kilbaha South and Kilbaha North at
With best wishes,
Peter Beirne,
Clare County Library.]

Date: 11th June 2007
Greetings, I don't know if my family was from County Clare or not, but some evidence suggests just that. In the course of following my slim leads, I found your website today. I could not believe the abundance of resources that you have put online! I wish that other counties would follow your lead. I hope I do find that my family was from County Clare - your site will make my research much easier.
Best wishes,
Diane Rigden
Ohio, USA

Date: 21st May 2007
Hi. Is it possible to access online an index or actual listings of the Griffith Valuation and/or Tithe Aplotments for County Clare? I am especially interested in finding O'Dea listings throughout the county.
Neil Hogan
[Hi Neil,
the library website has indexes to both Griffith's Valuation and the Tithe Applotment Books. For O'Deas in Griffith's see and for the Tithe Applotment Books see County Clare Tithe Applotment Books - Surname Index: O'Callaghan to O'Gorman. There are many other resources on our genealogy page: You can also search the entire site for mentions of O'Deas on the Search this Website page:
Maureen Comber,
Clare County Library]

Date: 15th May 2007
Good Day.
I am one of the Milwaukee Irish Fest co-cordinators in the genealogy area. I am printing out your on line resources and we are featuring County Clare this year in the Cultural area. (Please visit the Irish Fest website if you have not heard of us!). I am interested in any brochures or pass out materials you might have. We often have 150,000 visitors over a three day period and many are planning trips to Ireland. We will have research materials and genealogy charts for families in our group who have done their searches in County Clare. Many of us have been over to visit and search.
Your website is awesome!!
Faith Nesbitt O'Connell,
Milwaukee, USA

Date: 5th April 2007
Dear Sir or Madam.
I have been using your website to do some family history research. What a fabulous website!
I have a question for you. Do you know how or if it is possible to get hold of records of who owned certain pieces of land in Clare, and to whom they were sold or left as inheritance? I would be interested in the period of around 1770 to 1900.
Do you also know how and if it is possible to get hold of copies of wills within that period?
Thanks again for such a great website.
Lucy Rochford
[Dear Lucy,
Thanks for your enquiry. Firstly, if you haven't already done so, you should have a look at the genealogy section of our library website and in particular at the 1820s-1840s Tithe Applotment Books and 1855 Griffith's Valuation. Please note that you can search this website using our search engine. For the Tithe Applotment Books, the taxable land in each parish was surveyed, giving the names of the occupiers of land in each townland, the acreage and class of land they held, and the amount of taxes (tithes) they were liable for. Griffith's was a survey of land occupation to determine the amount of rates a landowner or occupier should pay towards the support of the Poor Law System. The genealogy section of the website also has a list of 1876 Landowners in Clare, showing the names (arranged alphabetically) of owners of land of one acre and upwards.
As regards Wills, see the National Archives website Some other institutions in Dublin also have collections of Wills - the National Library, the Genealogical Office, the Registry of Deeds and the Land Commission. Let me know if you are tracing a particular family in Clare, or looking for details of a specific area, and I may be able to provide further information. Meanwhile, good luck with your research.
Best wishes,
Frances O'Gorman,
Clare County Library.]

Date: 26th March 2007
I am a postgraduate archaeology student at NUI, Galway, and recently conducted a study of the Wedge-tomb at Creevagh (Carran Parish, The Burren). Would it be possible to use the image MN_CL696605 Creevagh Wedge-tomb (from your website) in my report? This report is solely for academic credit and will not be used for any other purpose.
Yours sincerely,
Jennifer Magaharan,
MA in Landscape Archaeology class,
Department of Archaeology,
National University of Ireland, Galway.
[Hello Jennifer,
You are welcome to use the image of Creevagh Wedge Tomb as long as you acknowledge the library, as in "Courtesy of Clare County Library". You can download the image directly from the site: See for instructions.
Maureen Comber,
Executive Librarian,
Clare County Library]

Date: 25th March 2007
I wish to enquire about using a photograph on your website for a lecture I am giving. You have a view of the now collapsed Urlan More Castle in the Schorman Collection. I would very much appreciate it if I could use this photograph to illustrate a point I will be making in relation to conservation. Is there any chance you could send me a copy? The lecture is for the Ormond Historical Society in Nenagh. Thanks for your time and congratulations on your great website.
Kind regards,
Dr. Andrew Tierney
Co. Tipperary
[Hello Andrew,
You are welcome to use the image of Urlan More Castle from our website. You can download the image directly from the site and get it printed out in a digital print booth. See for instructions on how to download...
Maureen Comber,
Executive Librarian,
Clare County Library

Date: 14th March 2007
I have just been looking at your wonderful website which contains a huge amount of very intersting information. Congratulations.
Carolyn Hart,

Date: 9th March 2007
Dear Ms Comber,
I write, in my capacity as Director of Monastic Matrix (see link below) to ask whether we might republish or link to photos in the Clare County Library photo collection. In particular, we are interested in 9 photos of Killone convent. MM is a collaborative, multi-institutional, scholarly project now housed at the University of Southern California, related to the study of religious women in premodern Europe. We collect texts, images, bibliographies, and other data for (re)publication on our site. We are trying now to build our collection of images of premodern architecture. Since I am by training a historian of early medieval Ireland (did my time at UCD , DIAS, and UCG!), I would especially value having the Killone images in our collection.
A second and only tangentially related request, made on my own as historian. I'm editing a collection of scholarly essays on medieval religious women for University of Pennsylvania Press. I would like if possible to use 00000142.jpg WS_CL350002 Killone Convent (the Westropp photo) in my essay--unless the copyright or cost makes it more problematic than using 00001682.jpg SCH_CL728884 Killone Convent. The press run is quite small. Can you tell me the cost of obtaining permission to publish a b&w reproduction as well as obtaining a high-res digital image?
Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.
By the way, the library site is truly terrific--attractive, navigable, full of great stuff. I'm envious.
Lisa Bitel
Professor, History/ Gender/ Religion, USC
Director, Monastic Matrix (
[Hello Lisa,
I'm so glad you happened on our site and found it useful. You are welcome to use the images you mention free of charge. Please acknowledge the photographer and the library ("Courtesy of Clare County Library"). If the library holds copyright of the images you want, then you can download them directly form the site. If you click on the "Download images" button on the top right-hand corner of the Foto page, you will find instructions on how to do this. The watermark will be removed as well. Try this first and see how you get on. The quality should be good enough for web-publishing, but if you are not happy with it, let me know. I will attach a Tiff of the Westropp photo for your book to a following email. Again, acknowledgement of the photographer and library will be sufficient here.
We would like to use part of your email in our Visitors' Book, if you don't mind. (It will draw people's attention to the usefulness of the photo collection). Let me know if this is OK.
Maureen Comber
Clare County Library]
You've been tremendously helpful, thanks very much. The Westropp collection is amazing--I'd known some of the photos, but together they're an unbelievable record of the monuments as well as that devoted turn-of-century antiquarianism. I love the images of prim ladies draped over hunks of dolmens, etc.
I'd be pleased if you used any of my words on the site...

Date: 7th March 2007
I was looking at the Michael John collection online. It is a wonderful resource to have. Congratulations on the work.
Roddy O'Loghlin

Date: 8th March 2007
Thank you for a wonderful website. It is a credit to all involved. I have found much more information on Jeremiah O'Keeffe and his family from Derryfadda c1800 and Tyredagh Upper C1828. My husband and I visited the original O'Keeffe farmhouse in 2000 and 2005 which is still standing. We stayed in Ennis and travelled all over Co Clare. I started researching the O'Keeffe/Vaughan family tree in 1984, now you have made it so much easier to access records. Thank you!
Teresa O'Keefe
Werribee, Melbourne
Victoria Australia

Date: 2nd March 2007
Wonderful pages re my maps and I love your site overall... It inspires me to keep building our resource when people like you can make such creative re-use of the materials.
David Rumsey

Date: 2nd March 2007
Hello, I would like to say a very big thank you for someone who is responsible for choosing Polish books. It is fantastic that there are plenty of books written by young female writers. Those books are very easy to read, relaxing and funny. Even in Poland in my local library they are not so easy to find.
Agnieszka Monika Szczepanska

Date: 25th February 2007
Re David Rumsey Maps:
To the persons who caused these maps to be made available on line:
Many thanks. I have been assembling online maps of Clare sporadically over the last couple of years, spending a lots of time and some money on CDs. This new feature saves me lots of work.
Thanks again.
Michael McNamara
Co. Clare

Date: 23rd February 2007
Just wanted to say congratulations on a wonderful web site. I have just started to research my father’s family history (Hanrahan of Scarriff) and have found your site so full of information generally and more specifically that it has given me the encouragement to continue with my quest. Thanks again and keep up the wonderful work.
Caremel Hanrahan

Date: 13th February 2007
I see you have posted some death records for the Kilrush and Ennistymon workhouses, and was wondering if you'll be doing the same for Corofin. (I know I'm lucky that some of my ancestors came from Co. Clare!)
Diane Culhane
[Hello Diane,
the list of deaths in the Ennistymon and Kilrush workhouses was compiled for a report on mortality in those workhouses. As far as I know, there wasn't a similar report ordered for any of the other workhouses in Clare.
Maureen Comber,
Clare County Library]

Date: 13th February 2007
Hi Clare Library.
Just want to thank you for all the wonderful information you have put on you website, it is just so helpful for people who live overseas (well for me here in Australia). While ‘surfing’ I can across this website called ‘Criminals Transported To Australia 1836 to 1853’ - and I was wondering if sometime in the future something like this could be done for all the Co Clare people who were transported to Australia. I have looked at the National Archives of Ireland Transportation Register website - it was my starting point when looking for Irish ancestors as it is for a lot people – but this site gave a little more information - an example for me is, after my ancestor John Conry (Conroy) was tried in Roscommon he was sent to Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin. This was the first time that I knew where he was before he was transported. That piece of information was missing from the National Archive site as well as the two other surnames that he must have used. I do and can appreciate all the time and effort that goes into transcribing records, but for a lot us whose ancestors were transported every little bit of information helps us to connect with them.
Yours truly,

Date: 8th February 2007
Thank you so much for the work that you do. You have no idea how much it means to see old friends and old sweethearts from so long ago. For young people who had to leave Ireland in those years Clare Library is such a wonderful link to old friends and the home of our birth. Please keep up your good work.
Gerry Fitzgerald


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