Clare County Library and the World Wide Web

Sunday Tribune, 10th October 1999.

Clare County Library took a huge leap in 1994 when it introduced its IT plans for the future.  Within 18 months it went from a paper-based system to a fully-integrated automated library system using the oven-ready Web-compatible Talis system from BLCMP.

A Wide Area Network via ISDN was established throughout the whole county.  The library catalogue can be accessed from all branches via a standard Web browser, on the library’s intranet.

Side by side with this development, a comprehensive Website has been created, bringing information about the service and about the county to anyone with Internet access.   We will shortly be putting our online-catalogue and Community information service on the Internet when the Clare County Library and eircom Ennis Information Age Town project will allow you to surf the net.

In the comfort of your own home, you will be able to search the Library Catalogue, check to see what books you have on loan, renew them and place reservations on books.

You will also be able to search a wide ranging Community Information database featuring clubs, societies and organisations in Clare; local facilities; education and training, etc., etc.  This service will replace the existing award-winning library website   which contains a host of information on Clare, its people, places and history.

All this existing information will be incorporated in a searchable format on the new site.  The Department of the Environment and Local Government has also contributed substantial funding towards this project.  The Department is also funding another major development making free public Internet access available in each of the sixteen library service points throughout the county.

Over the last four years, Clare County Library has been re-inventing itself and the services if offers to the public.  The next few years will be exciting for both customers and staff with new technology being used to enhance our services and bringing library facilities into homes, schools and indeed into the workplace.