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Tubber National School Claims Second in the Great Reading Challenge

Clare Champion, Friday, 22nd June 2007

Seventeen students from Tubber National School will be presented next week with their awards for finishing in second place in Clare County Library's Transatlantic Reading Challenge. The awards, which will be presented by Mayor Flan Garvey, acknowledged the strength of the achievement which saw young pupils compete to read the most books over eight months. The students of Tubber National School read a total of 2,086 books, with each pupil reading an average of 117 books.

Winning the competition with 2,740 books read by 21 students was Moyasta National School in Kilrush, while finishing in third after Tubber National School was St. Senan’s Primary School in Kilrush. Other north Clare schools that participated in the challenge were Corofin, Inagh and Crusheen.

Principal of Tubber National School, Ann Comyn, said, "we are all very pleased and extremely happy with where we have come in the competition. It was a wonderful way to promote literacy amongst children and the pupils were all very enthusiastic about taking part. They each kept a log of the books they were reading and each month we would lodge those details on the website as a part of the competition. It also promoted links with Canada because Clare County Library along with Canadian Libraries were heading the competition so there was a national/international link to it as well".

Last year, Clare County Library linked up with An Garda Síochana, Canadian Libraries, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and 21 of the county’s National Schools to promote reading among children as well as help improve their literacy skills. Earlier this year, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police visited County Clare to promote the transatlantic literacy programme.

A collective total of 632,259 books were read by schoolchildren in Ireland and Canada over the past eight months, with participating children in 20 schools in Clare reading almost 72,000 books. Clare County Library has expressed its intention to promote the challenge to other Local Authorities all over Ireland.

Clare County Librarian, Noel Crowley, said “We hope to roll out the literacy programme from this autumn. I am hopeful that the ‘Reading Challenge’ will be adopted elsewhere leading to increased competition for participating schools. More importantly, increased involvement will help promote the importance and fun of reading to the children and encourage them to use their local library.” He added, “We are delighted to have been the first library service outside of Canada to take part in this important and unique program. ‘The Reading Challenge’ is yet another important addition to Clare County Library’s ever expanding range of children’s services.

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