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The Antiquities of County Clare Book Cover
The Antiquities of County Clare
Ordnance Survey Letters, 1839
by John O'Donovan & Eugene Curry

Books Ireland
September 1997

The Antiquities of County Clare: Ordnance Survey Letters 1839. John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry.

CLASP Press, 335pp + 4 of colour plates, Price: €21.00, Paperback, ISBN: 1 900545 15 2

Like the Ordnance Survey Memoirs series the invaluable (to genealogists among others) documents on all sorts of aspects of local life and lore, parish by parish, recorded in the case of this county by among others these two outstanding and pioneering Gaelic scholars. These were typewritten in 1928 but presumably never before published, the IIS series being confined to northern counties. The typesetting was done by FÁS trainees of CLASP, which is a county-library-based employment project, but we could detect nothing amateur about the production; there is clearly someone there who sets high standards and knows what books should look like. There are illustrations and maps, and an index to complete an invaluable (we repeat - no other word does) book.

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