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The Clare Anthology Book Cover
The Clare Anthology

Books Ireland, Feb 2000

Edited by Kieran Sheedy, Clasp Press, 262 pp,
Price: €27.00, Hardback, ISBN: 1-900545-11-X

The Clare Local Studies Project, which both uses and helps FÁS trainees, made this their tenth book a 'millennium project', sensibly leaving the selection to a professional (a senior RTÉ man before he retired to write full time in his native Feakle). It is a lovely mix of 88 pieces from prose, verse, plays, song and newspapers-even a will-from every conceivable period, grouped as is the way with anthologists under rather vague headings like 'Thar Lear' and 'Where is All This to End?'. A super jacket (and-nice touch-a blurb in verse) keep your mind off the slightly onerous price.

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