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The Strangers Gaze: Travels in County Clare: 1534-1950 Book Cover
The Strangers Gaze: Travels in County Clare: 1534-1950
Edited by Brian O Dalaigh

The Irish Times
August 1999

Not quite a reprint but rather a compilation of accounts of Co. Clare, The Strangers Gaze:Travels in County Clare 1534-1950, edited by Brian Ó Dálaigh (CLASP Press, £27.00), is another beautifully-produced book from the Clare Local Studies Project, which has been adopted by Clare County Council as its centenary project. The 370-page volume contains nearly 70 descriptions of Clare and its people by writers ranging from Connor O'Brien with his letter to Charles V in 1534, through The Diary of an English Sea Captain by William Penn in 1646, to Frank O'Connor's A Tour of Clare in 1950. Some of the accounts are being published for the first time. All throw a unique and fascinating light on Clare and its history and the whole is enhanced by nine colour and monochrome illustrations that capture the essence of the county's past. What a challenge CLASP throws out to other counties with this splendid collection.

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