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The Strangers Gaze: Travels in County Clare: 1534-1950 Book Cover
The Strangers Gaze: Travels in County Clare: 1534-1950
Edited by Brian O Dalaigh

The Magpie
February 1999

Edited by Brian O Dalaigh, this is undoubtedly a handsome volume, beautifully presented and profusely illustrated it contains almost 70 descriptions of Co. Clare by a wide variety of individuals, including newspaper reporters, clergymen, judges, soldiers and plain ordinary tourists. Some of the contributions are well known, including Edmund Ludlow's description of the Burren ( . . . it is a country where there is not water enough to drown a man, wood enough to hang one, nor earth enough to bury him . . .), but there are also a number of contributions published here for the first time.

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