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Membership Regulations / Terms & Conditions
Clare County Library

Membership Regulations

Any person living or working in County Clare can join Clare County Library. Clare County Library is part of the national library management system and membership information will be shared among the library authorities. Members of Clare County Library can borrow from and request material from any other public library service in Ireland.
Membership cards must be produced to avail of services such as borrowing or Internet usage in branches.

Membership of the libraries is FREE.
Fines are charged on overdue items as follows:
€0.05 per day for any item not returned or renewed by the due date.
Further borrowing is not permitted where fines accrued by a member equal or exceed €20.00.
There is no charge for requests for items in the catalogue placed online or at the library desk.

In order to join a person must
a) Complete an official application form, either join online or on paper, and
b) Visit a library branch and present photographic identification (who they are) and proof of residency (where they live).
- Acceptable forms of photographic ID include a passport; driver's licence; student card; young person's Garda age card ID; a staff ID card issued by an employer.
- Acceptable form of recent (within last six months) proof of current address include a recent bill for gas, electricity, telephone, mobile phone; a bank statement.

Children and young people under the age of eighteen years who wish to join must get the permission of a parent or guardian who must sign the necessary form at any library branch. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children's selections and library materials and services, including use of the library and access to the Internet.

The main categories of membership are:
a. Adult - access to all library collections and to the Internet.
b. Child under 12 - access to the children's library, to DVDs up to a PG rating, and to children's Internet services when accompanied by parent/guardian.
c. Young Adult 12-14 - access to the teenage and children's library, to DVDs up to a 12 rating, and to children's Internet services with parental permission.
d. Young Adult 15-17 - access to the adult library, to DVDs up to 15 rating, and to internet services with parental permission.

Anyone who is already a registered member of any local authority library service in Ireland may use the services of Clare County public library system in person on the production of a valid library card from a participating library service or via the online service.

Everyone using the services of Clare County library must agree to abide by the terms and conditions (see below) as from time to time set down by Clare County Council.

You should also know...

All library members (children and adults) can borrow a maximum of 12 items, including CDs, DVDs, for three weeks. Members may also download further items from each of our online downloadable books services.

Returning an Item
Library users may return to any Clare County Library branch library an item borrowed from any other local authority library service in Ireland.

Renewing an Item
An item may be renewed online, in person, or by telephone. To renew online, enter your library card number along with your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you don't know your PIN, please call to your local library. If renewing by telephone, please be ready to quote the number of the item (above the bar-code) or your library card number.
You cannot renew an item that is reserved by someone else, or where its renewal limit (4 renewals permitted) has been reached.

Reserving an Item
You may reserve library materials from your local branch that are currently on loan or materials only available in another branch/library authority. To reserve online, you need your library card number along with your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you don't know your PIN, please call to your local library.
You cannot have more than 12 items on reserve at any one time. There is no charge for requests for items in the catalogue placed online or at the library desk.

As a library member you can now find out immediately by SMS text message when your requested items become available. You will no longer have to wait for an email or postal notice to be generated and delivered. To avail of this you will need to login to your account online and "opt in" for this service.

Register Online
If you are not already a member of the library you may register online but need to visit a branch bringing with you photo ID and proof of address in order to get your library card.
Registering online entitles you to reserve one item at the time of registration.

Items Due Back
Library members will need to provide an email address for the purpose of receiving reminder/overdue notices.
Library members who provide an email address will receive a reminder three days in advance of their books being due back. You can also receive SMS alerts to return or renew overdue items.

Other charges:
Reserves of items to be supplied by the British Library Document Supply Centre or similar supply mechanism incur a charge of €5.00 per reserve. You will be advised of this charge when placing the reserve.
€0.20 Printing
€0.20 Photocopying
€1.00 Replacement card - adult & child
€5.00 British Library Loan
€0.30 A3 Photocopy
€0.60 A3 Microform
€0.40 A4 Microform
Anyone who has a library card from any of the participating library services will be able to use that card - reserving and borrowing items - in all of the participating libraries.

Terms & Conditions
- Registered members of Clare County Library must abide by the following terms and conditions:
- Members agree to take good care of all library materials borrowed and to reimburse Clare County Council for the cost of any loss or damage to these materials.
- Members agree to pay promptly any fees and charges, including fines for late return of items, associated with the use of library facilities, materials and services.
- Parents and legal guardians are responsible for their children's selections and use of library materials and services, including access to the internet and children's behaviour on library premises.
- Parents and legal guardians are responsible for any charges or fines incurred by their children in their use of the library.
- Members are required to advise library staff, as soon as possible, of any changes in membership details or loss of library card.
- Members will be issued with a PIN and/or password to access online services. Members must ensure that the PIN/password is not shared with anyone else, written on a library card or anywhere that would compromise the security of the PIN/password. Existing members should change their PIN on a regular basis for security reasons.
- Members must at all times observe Clare County Library/Council Code of Conduct while using the library facilities and obey the lawful direction of library staff.
- Members must comply with the conditions of the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000.

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