Bill James

Since 1985, James has written one of his masterly Harpur and Iles novels each each year. There is nothing else quite like this series of police procedurals. James is concerned with the dilemmas and difficulties of policing Britains's inner cities, and he addresses these in hard-edged narratives that leave readers gasping and flinching, praying the people in these stories never come to live in their streets. The border between the law enforcers and the law breakers is often smudged into a wide no man's land where it's impossible to predict where the maximum danger lies - where corruption depends on the point of view, and morality is as hard to grasp as the Scotch poured into the copper's glass by the villain. It's all delivered in a ferociously poetic voice that is uniquely Bill James. He has recently started a new series set in Cardiff under the pseudonym David Craig. Titles include Harpur and Iles: an omnibus and Forget it

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