Lawrence Block

Born in 1938 in Buffalo, NY, Block is a prolific, entertaining writer who has won several major prizes and been nominated as Mystery Writers of America Grand Master. He is renowned for fast writing, sometimes completing a novel in a month and once sitting down with three friends to see if they could write a complete mystery in one night. (They played poker, and whoever was dummy tried to complete the next chapter). Block has written several successful series of books, notably those featuring the "Burglar" (Bernie Rhodenbarr), a tough private investigator, Matt Scudder - and the man who cannot sleep, Evan Tanner. The Tanner books date from the Sixties but recently Block brought him back - no older than he had been 30 years ago. (With one great leap). Scudder - and his son, girlfriends and drink problem - do age, though they never seem to date. Rhodenbarr does not age, remaining as light and insouciant as in Burglars Canít Be Choosers in 1977. This burglar with half a conscience was once filmed (by an industry with even less) with Bernie played by Whoopi Goldberg. It didnít work.

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