Christopher Brookmyre

Brookmyre’s first novel, Quite Ugly One Morning, won the critics’ First Blood Award and introduced the investigative journalist Jack Parlabane in a hard-hitting tale of nefarious doings in the NHS. Savage black humour infests Brookmyre’s pages, the high (or low) points including a psychopathic hit man and a turd on the mantelpiece of an Edinburgh flat.

Brookmyre is a man in love with language, addicted to invective, and a respecter of almost nobody except a handful of writers and musicians. His second novel, The Country of the Blind, adds a megalomaniac media mogul and a rookie lawyer to the mix, raising the stakes in the political satire and extending the humorous vilification to a new range of targets. His readers need strong stomachs, both for the horrors and the belly laughs.

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