Liza Cody

Cody is the creator of Britainís first feminist private eye, the intransigent, tenacious Anna Lee, much traduced by a TV adaptation. In a series of six books Anna establishes herself as an intelligent, independent investigator who stays in touch with her emotions without spilling over into sentimentality. As she grows and develops, so do her relationships with the other characters in her world; nothing in these books can be taken for granted. Next, Cody created Eva Wylie, the London Lassassin, a professional wrestler, bouncer and scrapyard minder. Eva is a calamity on legs, all heart on her sleeve and life going down the tubes. Itís impossible not to like this hard-bitten survivor of three novels, starting with the electrifying Bucket Nut, all written in a deceptively simple vernacular that reeks of the street. Like her heroines, Cody digs her way right under the skin of the reader. Other titles include Backhand and Stalker.

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