Michael Connelly

A former police reporter for The Los Angeles Times, Connelly is one of the legion of writers treading in the foot-steps of Raymond Chandler. Los Angeles itself is almost a character in his novels, and his protagonists tend to be principled individuals who are regularly in conflict with cynical, even corrupt authorities. Five of his thrillers feature Harry Bosch, an ex-Vietnam tunnel rat working in the Los Angeles Police Department.

The latest of these is Trunk Music. Two books stray outside the series: The Poet and, most recently, the excellent Blood Work, whose loner hero, a former FBI agent, is drawn into a new investigation when he receives a heart transplant from a murder victim.

In one sense, Connelly’s novels are predictable in that they use such a well-worn, even hackneyed format; but he compensates for this with powerful, well-plotted stories firmly grounded in detailed research.

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