Reginald Hill

In 1970 Hill published A Clubbable Woman, the first novel of his series featuring Superintendent Dalziel an Inspector Pascoe of the Mid-Yorkshire Police, now finding a wider audience through television. The blunt Dalziel, with his Rabelaisian appetites, is a contrast to the university-educated Pascoe with his left-wing wife an awkward conscience Hillís books explore issues springing naturally from their plots, from pornography to the minersí strike. Hill is also excellent on communities and how they work. He writes with great wit and an impressively clear-headed compassion. He has written other novels, including the relatively light-weight Joe Sixsmith series about a black private investigator in Luton; the most recent title is Killing the Lawyers. Hillís latest - and possibly best - Dalziel-and-Pascoe novel is On Beulah Height.

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