Alanna Knight

An admirer and biographer of Robert Louis Stevenson, Knight gives voice to the romance and melancholy of her Gaelic heritage. Her historical research enriches a Victorian Edinburgh, home base to her series policeman Jeremy Faro, and other crime scenes to which his duty calls him. The slightly dour Faro, whose beloved wife died young, has twinges of guilt as his Hebredes mother raises his young daughters. His fondness for his adult stepson both enhances and helps drive plots that reflect social and political issues echoing from that day to our own. Realistically, Faro grows (and ages) with the series In May, The Coffin Lane Murders postulate a serial killer at work in the city’s wynds and reveal that unending fascination of the crime writer for the Jack the Ripper figure. Wintering for many years in Sedona, Arizona, caused Knight to write Angel Eyes, a contemporary Gothic where Celtic magic connects with Anasazi legend.

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