Robert B. Parker

Parker is the most popular living writer of private eye novels. Since his debut The Godwulf Manuscript in 1973, he has produced one novel a year that features his heroic P.I. Spenser who solves crimes with his tough, black sidekick Hawk.

Though some of his plots are wafer thin, Parkerís fans still come back for more, because of the wisecracking dialogue, the interludes of eating and drinking, and the fast action and pace around the tough streets of Boston.

Spenser is like a modern day Marlow, living by his own moral code, and killing anyone who gets in his way. The wisecracks will have you laughing out loud and his finest works are probably God Save The Child, Promised Land, and Looking For Rachel Wallace.

In recent years Parker has written some non-Spenser novels, and his recent Night Passage holds promise for the future.

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