Sandra Scoppettone

One of the growing number of practitioners of the gay crime novel, Sandra Scoppettone sets hers in New York’s Greenwich Village. Her detective is Lauren Laurano, an ex-cop with a tragic past and a taste for chocolate. She has lived with her psychotherapist lover for 11 years, and their warmly described relationship is as important to each novel as the investigation itself. It is a tribute to Scoppettone’s talent that when they fell out in Let’s Face the Music and Die, the reader wants to shake them both.

Lauren is one of the most appealing private eyes in the canon and her first appearance in Everything You Have Is Mine in 1992 was a treat. Scoppettone plots well, and her sense of place is well, but she also has an ability to infuse her novels with a sense of fun that does nothing to trivialise the crimes they contain. She is a very good read.

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