Minette Walters

By combining elements of psychological thrillers with traditional mysteries, Minette Walters succeeds in writing bestsellers, which have also received critical acclaim. Miscommunication is a frequent cause of many of the damaging conflicts in her novels. In the Creasey Award-winning The Ice House, a household of women support each other through not one, but two murder investigations. In The Sculptress, two emotionally crippled women gradually reveal and conquer their tragic past. The harm caused by mistrust and a legacy of abuse is crucial to the plot of The Scold’s Bridal. In The Dark Room a patient suffering from amnesia can trust nobody when seeking the causes of the car crash that almost killed her.

The death of a homeless person leads to a journey of salvation for four men in The Echo. All of these novels are highly compelling page-turners in which Walters draws richly detailed character studies where tragedy is alternated with wit and humour.

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