R.D. Wingfield

The creator of Detective Inspector Jack Frost of the Denton police. Portrayed on television by David Jason, Frost in inclined to be coarse, dresses shabbily, and constantly drives his superiors mad as they try to cope with his antics. For all his faults, Frost somehow seems to find his way right in the end, even though he takes a wrong turn now and again on the way to justice. In his first appearance, Frost at Christmas, he takes charge of the search for a missing child, while at the same time he has to break in a new Detective Constable - who just happens to be the Chief Constable’s nephew. On top of that, he turns up a long-dead corpse, and now he has a murder on his hands as well. Other Frost titles include Night Frost and A Touch of Frost.

In his subsequent three cases Frost sees justice done in his own inimitable fashion.

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