Mark O'Sullivan

More than a Match

Across barriers of hate and suspicion, a fraught journey to friendship and joy . . .

It is the summer of 1948. Reigning tennis champ Lida Hendel has a temper to match her serve. When 15-year-old Ginny Stannix turns up on the scene, Lida meets her toughest challenge yet. Ginny’s a popular boarding school girl; she’s everything that Lida is not - or so it seems to Lida, isolated by her German language and culture, thwarted by a cranky and penny-pinching dad.

Intrigue, slander and rumours of shameful secrets reach breaking point as the Final looms large. Who’s behind the accusation against the Hendel family? What mystery lurks in Stannix House, and why is Ginny’s uncle, Hubert, being slowly driven out of his mind?

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