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Clever Katya: A Fairy Tale from Old Russia by Mary Hoffman
Published by Barefoot Books, 1998

‘What is the fastest thing in the world, what is the fattest, what is the softest and what is the most precious? Come to me tomorrow with your answers.’

When Katya’s father, Ivan, and his wealthy but selfish brother Dmitri disagree about which of them owns a newly born foal, it falls to the Tsar of all Russia to settle the case.

Clever Katya: A Fairy Tale from Old Russia by Mary Hoffman

The Tsar decides to do so by setting the brothers a riddle. Both Ivan and Dmitri are flummoxed. They return home to seek advice, and Ivan turns to seven-year-old Katya for help.

As soon as Katya hears the riddle she knows exactly what to do. The events that follow change all of their lives, and the wit and courage of this spirited young heroine make her a truly inspiring and memorable character.

Mary Hoffman has beautifully retold this traditional Russian fairy tale, and Marie Cameron’s enchanting illustrations are a perfect complement to her elegant text.

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