Changing Faces Changing Places: A Guide to Multicultural Books for Children
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Fairy Tales from Far and Wide by Fiona Waters
Published by Barefoot Books, 1999

With their larger-than-life characters, unexpected happenings and magical changes of circumstance, the traditional fairy tales of the world have captivated listeners for centuries.

Fairy Tales from Far and Wide by Fiona Waters

Especially compiled for parents and teachers to share with young children, this anthology brings together seven classic fairy tales from different cultures, among them the familiar figure of Little Red Riding Hood from France, the mischievous trickster Anansi from the West Indies, and a Native American warrior who has the power to make himself invisible.

These tales have been chosen so as to combine a rich variety of storylines, and all of them have been retold with simple, yet lively, vocabulary. Perfect for reading aloud and handsomely illustrated, Fairy Tales From Far and Wide is a truly heartwarming anthology.

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