Changing Faces Changing Places: A Guide to Multicultural Books for Children
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Farmyard Tales From Far and Wide by Wendy Cooling
Published by Barefoot Books, 1999

Farmyard Tales From Far and Wide is an anthology that has been specially compiled for parents and nursery teachers to share with pre-school children.

Many of the animals, such as the three little pigs, are established favourites while others are less well known but just as characterful.

Farmyard Tales From Far and Wide by Wendy Cooling

Small children will delight in listening to the adventures of the cock, the mouse and the little red hen; they will also be entertained by the ingenious old Indian goat who outwits a ferocious lion, and by a magical straw ox who is able to provide food for a hungry farmer and his wife.

With boldly playful illustrations and carefully chosen vocabulary, these short tales are perfect for reading aloud at any time of day.

‘Spirited, expressive and colourful illustrations help make this an excellent present.’ – The Sunday Times

‘Accessible language with a splendidly conversational tone; the pace is perfect for reading aloud. Rosslyn Moran’s pictures have just the right mix of naïve charm and gutsy humour’ – Guardian

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