Changing Faces Changing Places: A Guide to Multicultural Books for Children
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Freaky Tales From Far and Wide by Hugh Lupton
Published by Barefoot Books, 1999

Freaky Tales From Far and Wide is an anthology that has been specially compiled for parents and teachers to share with children.

This high-spirited collection brings together seven stories from around the world, packed with funny, frightening and downright freaky characters.

Freaky Tales From Far and Wide by Hugh Lupton

Some are old favourites, such as the gingerbread man, while others are less well-known but just as entertaining. Everyone will be captivated by the brave blackbird from India and his collection of strange friends, delighted by the odd animals who live in a Russian horse’s skull and hypnotised by the old lady who wishes she had some company.

The word ‘freak’ derives from the Old English word ‘frician’ which means ‘to dance’, and can mean a caprice, an eccentric or a streak of colour. Master storyteller Hugh Lupton has stayed true to the exuberance, quirkiness and brightness of the word in making this selection. Containing stirring plots and unusual characters, these stories will enthral young listeners with their unexpected twists and turns. Bold, colourful illustrations and simple yet lively vocabulary make this the perfect book for reading aloud at home or in the classroom.

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