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From Pictures to Words - a guide to choosing books for beginner readers: Humour

The Dinosaur’s Packed Lunch by Jacqueline Wilson
Published by Doubleday, 1995
ISBN 0-385-40562-6
Illustrations © Nick Sharratt, 1995

Jacqueline Wilson is a best-selling author for children. Her books for children and teenagers deal sensitively with their everyday problems. In The Dinosaur’s Packed Lunch Dinah changes from being the little girl without a packed lunch on a school trip to the museum, to being everyone’s best friend when she becomes a dinosaur.

Judy who usually sat next to Dinah on the bus sits with Danielle on the trip to the museum and goes off arm in arm with her towards the entrance. She sometimes shared her lunch with Dinah but offers half her Kit Kat bar to Danielle instead today.

Dinah doesn’t care because she knows that none of the other children has shared a dinosaur’s packed lunch. Even when she has no money to buy stickers and little rubber dinosaurs in the gift shop on the way out, she doesn’t mind, happy in the knowledge that no-one else has had a lunch like hers.

Dinah’s lunch is not all that’s strange; things get even more surprising after she’s had a night’s sleep.

This is a school story of pure fantasy mixed with real issues as well. Available in the Corgi Pups series, it is a perfect book for beginner readers and is much enhanced by the drawings of Nick Sharratt that are instantly recognisable to all readers of Jacqueline Wilson.

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