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From Pictures to Words - a guide to choosing books for beginner readers: Rhyme

Ramona and her Mother by Beverly Cleary
Published by Oxford University Press, 2001
ISBN 0-19-275104-2

A warning on the front cover sums up what the story is about, “mothers shouldn’t think being seven and a half is easy – because it isn’t!”

Above all else, Ramona would like her mother’s attention just to herself for a while but it seems this is an impossible request. Mrs Quimby is a busy working mother and sometimes doesn’t even notice how hard Ramona tries to be loved. She would love to be called “her mother’s girl” or to hear her Mum say she couldn’t manage without her.

Because Ramona’s mother and father both go out to work Willa Jean’s granny looks after her every day after school. Ramona’s concerns and worries are relayed in an amazingly true-to-life way by the author and will strike a chord with working mothers everywhere

A phone call from Ramona’s teacher is just what the whole family needs to have an open discussion about all their woes and to realise that their problems can be overcome.

Beverly Cleary is one of America’s most popular authors and has won many prestigious awards, including the American Library Association’s Laura Ingalls Wilder Award.

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